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Cleaning your gutters regularly is important. While the task is fairly straightforward, there are still some common mistakes that homeowners tend to make when attempting to handle this task on their own. Unfortunately, these avoidable mistakes can be costly to repair or hazardous to the homeowner.

In this post, Gutter Helmet® of Cookeville, a provider of the best gutter protection services in the country, discusses four mistakes you’re likely committing when cleaning your gutters.

  1. Failing to Adhere to Proper Ladder Safety – Ladder safety is critical for any task that involves your roof. Always set up your ladder against the siding instead of the gutter, and have someone secure the base while you’re using it. Avoid overreaching, as this can throw you and the ladder off balance, potentially leading to grave injuries. If you don’t feel confident with ladders, consider hiring a professional to take care of this task instead.

  1. Inappropriate Clothing – When you’re climbing a ladder, always wear the correct protective attire and footwear. Wear close-toed shoes with rubber soles as well as eye and head protection, and gloves. Headgears will protect your head if you fall, while gloves can prevent hand injury from sharp tools.

  1. Wrong Tools – Should you decide to go the DIY route with your gutter cleaning, you need to make sure you have the right tools. You can use a spray, vacuum or broom. 

  1. Incomplete Unclogging – If you’re inexperienced with gutter cleaning, you may leave some debris behind. This can cause the gutters to quickly clog up again. 

Turn to Gutter Helmet of Cookeville for your gutter maintenance needs. We are your leading provider of the best gutter protection and gutter installation services. Give us a call at (866) 985-9982 or fill out our contact form to get your free quote. We serve homeowners in Cookeville, TN, and nearby areas.