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Although the most frequently asked gutter question is “Do I really need gutters?”, it is one of the few with a simple answer: yes. Most questions about gutters depend on your home and how fast rain falls in your area. Some of our authorized Gutter Helmet® installers have sent us the most frequently asked questions they hear from potential customers when proposing new gutters and gutter caps.

What Is the Best Gutter Material? 

For most homeowners, it’s aluminum. Specifically, seamless aluminum gutters made on-site. Aluminum gutters come in many colors and last for decades without rusting. They provide one of the lowest annual costs of any gutter material. Other options include copper, which lasts the longest of common gutter materials but is among the most expensive, and galvanized steel, which will hold up in almost any weather but requires more maintenance and comes in fewer color options. Of course, if you’re looking for the cheapest option, vinyl is available.

How Many Downspouts Do I Really Need? 

Most gutter installers add a downspout about every 20 or 30 feet of gutter, although depending on the slope of your roof and the rooflines, you may need more. In areas with heavy rainfall, your installer may also determine that for optimal flow, you want downspouts on each end of a gutter run – even if it’s only about 20 feet.

How Does My Gutter Installer Determine How to Install My Gutters?

In addition to downspouts, there are two other essential elements for a successful gutter installation: slope and support. Slope aids in sending the water to the downspout and general guidelines state that you need about one half-inch of slope for every 10 feet of gutter. As for gutter hangers, or the support for your gutters, the type of gutter and where you live will determine how far apart the gutter hangers are spaced. In regions with snow and ice, they need to be about 18 inches apart and in areas with little to no snow, they can be as far as 36 inches apart.

Do I Really Need to Clean My Gutters Twice a Year?

That depends. If you’ve chosen gutter caps, then you shouldn’t need to clean them at all. If you’re in the process of getting new gutters and considering covers for them, make sure to read gutter guard reviews before buying. You will quickly learn that not all are the same and some reviews reveal that they don’t do the job intended. 

If you don’t have gutter covers, you should at least check them twice a year, once in the spring and once in late fall. Clogged gutters lead to issues from damaged roofing to water in the basement. Keeping them clean also reduces the weight so they are less prone to pulling away from the home or sagging. 

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