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4 Features You Need to Know about Gutter Helmet®

By April 1, 2016October 18th, 2023No Comments

Our gutter protection system has many unique features that will benefit your home. Gutter Helmet® utilizes an advanced design, specially formulated surface coatings, and a reinforced structure among other things. These innovations make Gutter Helmet the leading choice for gutter covers around the country. Here’s a brief overview.

1. Nose-Forward™ Design – Gutter Helmet’s patented design makes it one of the best gutter guards in Englewood, Colorado. It extends over your roof edge and completely covers your gutters. This prevents leaves and debris from entering. Meanwhile, Gutter Helmet’s special shape causes water to flow and curve over its surface directly into your gutters. For enhanced protection, the entrance is only 3/8” wide to stop everything but water from getting in.

2. Textured Surface – It also has a special textured surface to enhance its performance. This special surface causes rainwater to cling to it while flowing downward. Rainwater that hits Gutter Helmet sheets will continually flow into your gutters.

3. PermaLife™ High Performance Coating – Gutter Helmet’s surface also features advanced coating that will not crack, peel, chip, chalk, or fade. This allows our gutter guards in Englewood, Colorado, to stay beautiful even as the years go by. Gutter Helmet comes in 10 different colors as well, so you can easily match it to your roof.

4. Horizontal RibDesign and Heavy Gauge Brackets – These design features mean that by installing Gutter Helmet, you’ll actually strengthen and reinforce your gutters. They can now handle heavier loads, and perform even under strong rains. We manufacture the brackets from a reinforced aluminum alloy. It resists corrosion and will support your gutters for many years.

Gutter Helmet will reduce your gutter’s maintenance needs and protect your home from the dangers of clogged and overflowing gutters. Gutter Helmet of Greater Denver & Northern Colorado has served more than 15,000 homes and protected over 2,000,000 feet of gutters. You can depend on us for quality installations. Give us a call to learn more about Gutter Helmet or to get a free quote.