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4 Easy Ways to Maintain Cleaner Gutters

By November 7, 2016October 18th, 2023No Comments

At this time of year, your gutter may be prone to collecting leaves, pine needles and other debris. The build-up of debris can result in clogs, preventing your gutters from properly directing rainwater away from your home. If this happens, water can easily find its way into the walls and foundation. If left unchecked, the water can compromise structural integrity.

Cleaner Gutters

Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can keep your gutters clean and clog-free. Gutter Helmet of Greater Denver, provider of the best gutter guards in Englewood, Colorado, shares four of them.

1. Consider hand cleaning tools. This traditional way of clearing your gutters of debris takes a bit of effort. Nevertheless, it results in a more thorough cleanup. There are a variety of handheld gutter tools, scrubbers and washers available today. Just be very cautious when climbing a ladder to do the job.

2. Go for power cleaning tools. These products let you clean your gutters gutters safely from the ground. If you have a shop vac, garden hose or leaf blower, you can use it to blast, blow or suck the debris from your gutters. This option is safer and easier, but you won’t be able to see the results from the ground.

3. Hire a gutter cleaning company. For the untrained homeowner, gutter cleaning is messy and risky work. That’s why many homeowners are content to stay on the ground and hire a pro to do the job instead.

4. Invest in gutter guards. The best gutter guards in Englewood, Colorado provide a long-lasting solution to clogged gutters. You’ll save money on gutter cleaning tools or on hiring someone to do the work. In addition, you no longer have to worry about putting your safety at risk.

You can experience lasting performance and superior protection when you choose Gutter Helmet®. Our gutter protection system features a patented nose-forward design that lets rainwater flow through the system smoothly while shedding leaves, pine needles and other debris. Gutter Helmet’s ribbed surface and sturdy construction increase water surface tension and tensile strength so it can withstand the harshest elements.

Turn to Gutter Helmet of Greater Denver for guards that eliminate the need for gutter cleaning. Call us at (800) 824-3772 to learn more.