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Ever wondered how gutters are attached to the roof’s fascia board? We can tell you it’s certainly not nails. In this blog, the area’s provider of gutter protection systems, Chattahoochee Gutter Co., Inc., shares an overview of the different types of gutter hangers.

  1. Brackets — Gutter brackets are the most common type of gutter hangers, and can be used for mounting on the fascia board, or on the roof frame, depending on the roofing style. Brackets cradle the gutter trough from underneath, which provides balanced support that lets the gutters take on heavy loads without being pulled off. Certain bracket designs do not require penetrating the trough, which helps reduce the risk of leaks.

  1. SnapLock® — Gutter Helmet® has a specially-designed type of gutter hanger called SnapLock. Its snap-on design eliminates the use of mounting nails, spikes or screws, without compromising its load-bearing capabilities. By keeping the fascia board in one piece, it helps protect the roofing structure from damage caused by water infiltration.

  1. Hidden Hangers — Typical gutter hangers are seen on the top of gutters, spanning the entire width of the gutter trough. One end is fastened to the fascia board using a long screw. Its other end is shaped like a hook, which clutches the gutter lip. Hidden hangers are installed in the middle of the gutter trough, which creates a cleaner look. Traditional hangers need to be installed properly, as the gutter loads are hinged on where the fastener penetrates the fascia board.

  1. Wedge — Certain roof styles have fascia boards installed at an angle, which makes any of the aforementioned hangers unusable. The solution is wedge hangers: this features a wedge or T-shaped profile that makes up for the difference in angle, resulting in conventional gutter orientation. Most wedges are designed to work with traditional gutter hangers, so you’re supposed to see the holes where the hangers go through.

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