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Your gutters protect your home from water damage all year-round, so it’s not surprising that they’ll experience some wear and tear. If your gutters are old, then you need to be aware of some common problems that can happen to unprotected gutters. Read on as Chattahoochee Gutter Co., gutter protection expert, talks about four common gutter problems:

4 Common Problems That Can Affect Unprotected Gutters

  1. Clogs – This is one of the most common gutter dangers. Leaves, dirt and other debris can enter your gutters and block water from flowing. This causes rain to overflow your gutters and cause water damage. You need to clean your clogged gutters as soon as possible because clogs can cause roof leaks, siding damage, foundation damage and more.

  1. Sagging – This can be caused by the hangers that secure your gutters to your fascia failing. The hangers might simply be too old or might be made from faulty material. Your fascia might also be damaged from bad weather. This problem can be made worse by water pooling in your gutters. Pooling water can increase your gutters’ weight and cause them to sag even more.

  1. Gutter Cracks – Your gutters constantly direct water to your downspouts when it rains and they will eventually wear down. One of the signs your gutters are at the end of their life span are gutter cracks. Cracked gutters can have many causes depending on the material they’re made of. Something might have hit your gutters, or long-term sun exposure might have damaged them and caused them to become more brittle.

  1. Improper Pitch – Your gutters need to have a slight incline to allow them to function properly. Typically, there needs to be a quarter inch of slope for every 10 feet. Improper pitch is usually caused by a poor gutter installation, but it can also be caused by movement in your gutters. Your gutters can be put out of proper position by the weather or because they are too heavy due to pooling.

Installing Gutter Helmet®, our gutter protection system, can prevent these problems from affecting your gutters. Gutter Helmet will protect your gutters by blocking leaves, dirt and other debris while still allowing rain to get through. Call us at (866) 882-5641 to learn more about how Gutter Helmet works and to learn more about our services. We serve Salem, Alabama, and many other areas.