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When you need new gutters, be sure the company you call for gutter installation is an experienced gutter contractor. Many companies sell and install gutters, but you want one with the right knowledge and experience so your installation will last for decades. Incorrectly installed gutters can lead to all sorts of problems with your home. Here are four mistakes that a gutter professional won’t make.

4 Big Mistakes Gutter Pros Won’t Make

Wrong Type of Gutter

Depending on the area and pitch of the roof, gutter needs differ. A good gutter contractor will take into consideration many different factors including average rainfall rate, slope of your roof and area of the roof before recommending a specific gutter. Too small a gutter, and you’ll end up with overflowing water. The material you choose also matters. You want to choose something that works with your budget and lasts, so you don’t need another gutter installation for many years.

Improper Installation

There are many elements of proper gutter installation. When gutter aren’t hung right, they can fail, causing more damage than having no gutters at all.

  • PlacementTo avoid damaging your fascia, gutter placement should be just below the edge of your roof.

  • PitchIf your gutters aren’t slightly sloped toward the downspouts, they can’t drain and do their intended job.

  • Hanger SpacingGutter installation companies who come in with the cheapest bids often skimp on this essential element. Too few gutter hangers and your gutters won’t have the support they need, especially if they fill with rain, snow, or ice. Not only can this impact the structural integrity of your gutters, it will also impact your home.

Too Many Seams

Another sign of a cheap gutter is short pieces. The shorter the section of gutter, the more seams. The more seams you have, the more potential points of failure in your gutters. This is why seamless gutters are more popular than sectional gutters. Ask your gutter contractor about where they plan seams and ask if the gutters they’ve quoted are seamless.

Forgetting the Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are an essential element of your gutter system. Ask your gutter contractor about high-quality gutter covers from Gutter Helmet®. A certified installer can share with you the many benefits of Gutter Helmet over basic aluminum mesh gutter guards. Most homeowners find that the best benefit is not having to clean their gutters. Another little-known benefit is that clean gutters last longer because there is less strain from debris on them.

Find a Reputable Gutter Contractor

Improperly installed gutters can cause as many problems as no gutters at all! Issues range from water in your basement or crawl space, soil erosion, and damage to your fascia and other parts of your roof. If you are in need of new gutters, finding a reputable gutter contractor is a good first step. Be sure to ask about Gutter Helmet gutter covers to complete your new gutter system. If you have gutters and just need the best gutter guards, call (800) 824-3772 to be connected to your local installer today.