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Buying a new gutter system isn’t only about the Gutter Helmet cost per foot. Of course, that’s an important factor to consider when getting new gutters, but there are also other things you should take into account. Gutter Helmet of Eastern Shore lists some of the questions you should ask your gutter installer to help you make the right choice.

Do You Offer Seamless Gutters?

Seamless gutters are installed continuously from corner to corner. Thus, they are called “seamless” and generally considered ideal for those who want to reduce the risk of gutter leaks.

What Styles of Gutters Do You Have?

There are different styles and colors of gutters that you can choose from. Typically, they include aluminum leaf guard systems, traditional box gutters, five inches and six inches standard aluminum and copper gutters, and half-round gutters. To figure out the best choice for your home, consult with experts.

Nails or Screws: Which Do Use for Fastening Gutters to Your Home?

Nails, or spikes, are the more traditional method of fastening gutters. They go through the outside of the gutter and pass through the inside. They are supposed to attach into the fascia board and rafter. Nails, however, have the tendency to pull out over time due to the weight inside the gutter, which can lead to sagging or detachment.

Screws, on the other hand, are considered more reliable because they don’t pull out over time. The screws, typically 2 3/4 inches in size, go through the fascia board and into the rafter.

What’s the Difference Between Aluminum and Galvanized Gutters?

Galvanized gutters are malleable, so they’re usually easier for a metal sheet worker to install. Nevertheless, they are prone to corrosion and decay. Aluminum gutters, on the other hand, is the current industry standard because they are strong and durable. They can also be easily formed, but they are quite resistant to corrosion.

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