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Stormwater runoff needs to be properly dealt with. If it accumulates or is diverted to the wrong areas, it can cause significant damage to your home. Fortunately, there are several ways to manage this runoff.

Keep reading as Gutter Helmet shares three ways to effectively manage stormwater runoff and prevent moisture-related problems.

1. A Rain Barrel or Cistern

Rain barrels are one of the most common ways to store runoff for future usage. A typical rain barrel can hold about 50 gallons of water and is placed directly under the downspout. The barrel collects all the runoff, and the water can be used for other purposes, like gardening. One rain barrel is usually enough, but some homeowners who live in areas that experience more rainfall connect their downspouts to multiple barrels to better accommodate the volume of water.

2. A Rain Garden

A rain garden is an environmentally friendly solution because it makes use of runoff to keep plants healthy while preventing excess water from getting into your home. The garden is designed to have a shallow depression so that water naturally pools into it, where plants and the soil can absorb and filter the runoff. The key to a rain garden lies in the permeability of the soil that is used for it, and the layering. To get good results, landscapers recommend a mix of 30% sand, 30-40% topsoil and 30% organic material, such as compost.

3. A Dry Well

A dry well is a runoff collection area that is intended to slowly release water into the surrounding soil. The well is made with a drain pipe that is surrounded by gravel, which is held in place by landscape fabric and then covered with topsoil. It is installed in the lowest point of the area so that gravity can naturally direct the runoff into it. The water is then contained in the gravel and drained into the deeper permeable soil or an underdrain.

Gutter Helmet’s patented gutter protection system keeps out the debris that can cause gutter blockages and many types of water damage. Thanks to its ability to handle a high volume of runoff, water can be properly directed away from your home. Request a consultation to learn more by filling out our contact form or calling us at (800) 824-3772.

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