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Congestion in the downspout system is something every homeowner should be on the lookout for. This occurs when leaves and other loose debris accumulate inside your gutters and end up falling into the downspouts and their drains. Fortunately, the telltale signs of a clogged downspout are fairly obvious. The premier Gutter Helmet® installer in the area, Gutter Helmet of Minnesota, shares some of them here: 

1. Overflowing or Pooling Water From the Downspout Connection – Some downspouts are attached to an underground drain via an adapter, which allows for a seamless connection between the two pipes. When the downspout is congested, water coming from the roof and gutters doesn’t run through the pipes smoothly. Instead, it leaks or spills out of the adapter seams and pools on the ground. You probably already know that pooling water, when overlooked, can leak into the basement and create unsightly furrows in your landscaping.

2. No Water Coming Out of the Downspouts When It Rains – Do you see water coming out the bottom of the downspout extension after it rains? If not, then your downspouts are probably clogged.

3. Backed-Up Gutters – Clogged downspouts prevent water inside the gutters from draining properly. The runoff backs up in the system instead, seeping through the fascia board and creating leaks. If you see water flowing over the lip of your gutters during a rainy day, then it’s more than likely that your downspouts are congested.

Preventing Clogged Downspouts

There are several things you can do to prevent leaves and debris from ending up inside your downspouts and clogging them:

  • Cut back any tree branches hanging over your roof and gutters.
  • Have your gutters cleaned regularly.
  • Install seamless gutters, which are less likely to clog because of the lack of joints.
  • Invest in high-quality Gutter Helmet gutter guards, which come with a patented nose-forward design that filters away leaves and debris while allowing rainwater to drain smoothly through the gutters and downspouts. Installing Gutter Helmet is a simple and cost-effective way to keep your gutter and downspout system clean and well-maintained.

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Keeping your downspouts – and the drains they’re connected to – clear and clog-free is simple. You just need to cover your gutters with a top-tier Gutter Helmet protection system. Just make sure that it’s installed properly and efficiently by a trusted professional like Gutter Helmet of Minnesota. Give us a call today at (866) 200-5339 or fill out this contact form to schedule a consultation. We proudly serve Monticello, MN, and the nearby areas.

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