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Gutter Helmet of Western North Carolina Mill Springs

3 Smart Upgrades You Can Do to Protect Your Home

By April 4, 2016October 18th, 2023No Comments

Several factors can easily damage your home. Harsh wind and rain, for instance, can allow water to seep through your interiors, causing water damage. To protect your home from these threats, invest in some upgrade projects.

There are many ways to boost your home’s protection; one of them is installing gutter shields in Arden, NC, or the surrounding area. Consider these three smart upgrade projects from Gutter Helmet of Western North Carolina:

1. Replace your old gutters with seamless gutters – Under harsh conditions, traditional gutters tend to break down and sag away from the exterior of your home. With broken gutters, water can easily find its way into your foundation. Invest in seamless aluminum gutters by Gutter Helmet of Western North Carolina to keep your gutters intact. Without vulnerable and leaky seams in your gutters, your home can stay comfortable all year round.

2. Install a gutter protection system – For most homeowners, gutter cleaning is a tedious and repetitive task. Though it requires extra time and effort, cleaning is important, as it prevents water buildup caused by debris on your roof. To keep your gutters clean without the hassle of climbing up your roof frequently, install gutter shields in Arden NC, and the local area, like Gutter Helmet. For over 20 years, this revolutionary product has been protecting homes by managing debris and water effectively.

3. Invest in snow guards – When it comes to your gutters, snow can be a big problem. It can cause rotting and cracking on your roof, along with adding weight to your gutters. Fortunately, you can protect your entire home with our snow guards. They help distribute snow over roofs evenly, allowing it to melt and drain into your gutters.

We also offer sunshade awnings, bath area makeovers, and rain barrels. These products and services can add not just protection, but also value to your home. If you need help with your home improvement projects, turn to from Gutter Helmet of Western North Carolina. Our experts can install these products to ensure maximum performance. Call us to get a FREE estimate today.