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3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Gutters Clean and Healthy

By December 27, 2016October 18th, 2023No Comments

While it might seem a tedious task, gutter maintenance can go a long way in keeping your family and home safe. Properly working gutters keep your foundation intact and prevent basement flooding by channeling rainwater away from your home.



Gutter Maintenance

Importance of Gutter Maintenance

You’ll want to clean your gutters out twice a year, ideally every spring and fall, to ensure leaves and other debris won’t clog your system. That’s because if your gutters get clogged, excess moisture can penetrate your shingles and cause severe damage. In addition, water that runs down from your roof can affect your siding, basement, and landscaping.

As the leading gutter company in the region, Gutter Helmet® of Northern Minnesota can help keep your gutter system healthy throughout the seasons. We install Gutter Helmet, the most trusted alternative to a leaf filter in Culver, Minnesota. Let us discuss three essential gutter maintenance tips to keep in mind:

  • Invest in Gutter Inspection and Repairs – You will never go wrong with routine maintenance and repairs. Like any other exterior home components, your gutters can suffer from everyday wear and tear. Small problems might not be noticeable until they get more serious, threatening the structural integrity of your home. To prevent them from turning into costlier problems, be sure to hire an expert gutter contractor to inspect and repair any issues on your system.
  • Work with a Gutter Cleaning Professional – Gutter cleaning is not just tedious; it can also be a dangerous upkeep task. Each year, thousands of homeowners are being sent to emergency rooms due to ladder-related injuries. To keep your home safe from water damage without compromising your safety, be sure to work with trusted specialists. They will have the tools and expertise to clean your gutters out without hassle.
  • Install a Gutter Protection System – This is your best choice when it comes to keeping your gutters free from debris. At Gutter Helmet® of Northern Minnesota, we only install the most reliable gutter cover across the country: Gutter Helmet. Compared with a leaf filter in Culver, Minnesota, it has a unique nose-forward design that ensures leaves and other items won’t clog your system. It also has a beautiful PermaLife™ finish, allowing it to complement your existing exterior theme. Put simply, it serves as your permanent solution to gutter clogging and other gutter issues.

For more tips on maintaining your gutters, call us at (866) 937-3508 or complete our form. We’ll be happy to give you a FREE in-home consultation.