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3 Reasons to Invest in Heated Gutters and Gutter Helmet this Winter

By December 17, 2015October 18th, 2023No Comments

Among the biggest problems that winter brings are ice dams, which form when the temperatures on your roof are uneven. Heat that escapes the top of your roofing from your warm attic melts the snow and ice that forms above. This melted water rolls down the roof slope where it then freezes again at the cooler roofs edge. This then forms an ice dam that can cause melted water to build up. Investing in both Gutter Helmet and Helmet Heat easily combats this problem. Gutter Helmet of Northern Minnesota looks at three reasons this combination will benefit your home:

1. Helmet Heat deals with ice dams
The biggest problem caused by ice dams is the water that collects. It can seep into any vulnerable point of your roof where it can lead to deterioration and rot. Helmet Heat seamlessly integrates into both your gutters and Gutter Helmet. By heating up your gutters, it prevents water from refreezing at the bottom of your roof, permanently doing away with the problem of ice dam formation.

2. Gutter Helmet complements this system
The open nature of most types of gutters is what allows the systems to function properly. Unfortunately, snow and ice can accumulate in large quantities. The addition of rain gutter covers in Grand Rapids MN, or the local area, will complement Helmet Heat perfectly. Apart from covering your gutter completely and preventing anything from entering (besides water, of course), it also provides additional space for the installation of additional Helmet Heat lines.

3. Helmet Heat is cost-effective
Its heating effect only happens when necessary and it completely regulates itself. When you invest in this combination, you never have to worry about problems with your gutter ever again. It essentially pays for itself over time because you won’t have to worry about paying for routine maintenance.

Worry less this winter with Gutter Helmet and Helmet Heal. Call Gutter Helmet of Northern Minnesota today. We will be happy to start you off with a free, in-home consultation.