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Depending on where you live, winter may have already arrived or it could be just around the corner. Ideally, you’ve already cleaned your gutters so that they’ll flow freely through the winter, but have you had them professionally inspected? Whether you have rain gutter guards or not, your gutters should be inspected at least once a year – either as part of your annual roofing inspection or by a gutter and gutter guard installer. Here are three reasons why.


Your Gutter System Needs Maintenance

As with many other elements of your home, your gutter system needs maintenance from time to time. As your home ages, fascia – the part of your home your gutters attach to – can decay. If this happens, you need fascia repair and then you’ll need your gutters reaffixed.

Another reason is that gutters can leak, even seamless gutters. Leaks lead to icicles which put added weight and strain on gutters. When gutters must support additional weight for extended periods, they can pull away from the fascia. A professional gutter inspection can identify issues and propose repair to keep your gutter system functioning as it should.

Ice Dams Can Cause a Loose Gutter to Fail

Icicles from leaking gutters are one thing, but ice dams are a whole other problem. If you don’t have proper insulation and ventilation in your attic, you may end up with ice dams on your roof. If this happens, your gutters will have significantly more weight on them than intended. This leads to gutter failure, from sagging and bending to splitting to falling, potentially causing damage or injury below.

Although proper insulation and ventilation can help prevent ice dams, clean gutters are also necessary. That means you should consider rain gutter guards if you’re tired of cleaning your gutters. If you already have rain gutter guards and have experienced ice dams in the past, ask your gutter guard installer about gutter heating products. Although nothing can completely prevent ice dams in some weather conditions, these are some ways to reduce their size and frequency.

Gutters Don’t Last Forever

Because your gutter system protects your home from the basement or foundation to the roof, it should be in good condition. Vinyl gutters may only last 10 years, depending on the climate. Aluminum gutters can last twice as long. If your gutters have rust, cracks or leaks, a gutter company can advise you if you’d be better off replacing your gutters or if repair is an option. If you need new gutters, consider adding rain gutter guards to help prevent clogged gutters and ice dams.

Schedule Service With a Gutter Helmet® Dealer

Gutter Helmet has dealers nationwide who install the leading rain gutter guards and Helmet Heat® to further reduce ice dam build-up. If you know it’s time to consider new gutters or don’t want to clean your gutters again, call (800) 824-3772 or contact us online and we’ll connect you with one of our authorized installers. They can provide you with an inspection of your current gutter system and a free estimate for Gutter Helmet and Helmet Heat for your home.