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3 Reasons Gutter Helmet is the Best Gutter Guard System

By January 19, 2016October 18th, 2023No Comments

Gutter protection is quickly becoming a popular option. The convenience of never having to climb up to clean your gutters ever again is enough to make it a worthwhile investment. Gutter Helmet of Northern Minnesota looks at three great reasons our system is the option worth considering.

1. Gutter Helmet Truly Covers Your Gutter

In order to function properly, the best gutter guard system in Grand Rapids MN, and the local area, needs to cover your gutters completely. Many systems can achieve this. Where they tend to drop off is the perforation needed to collect water can also collect debris. Gutter Helmet covers the entire width of the gutter with no perforation. In fact, it just out of the roof’s edge for enhanced coverage. This has the advantage of guaranteeing that even the smallest of debris won’t enter your gutter.

2. Gutter Helmet Functions Simply but Effectively

The reason that other systems need perforations is that water has to still find a way into the gutter. Gutter Helmet relies on adhesion, as the only opening is a narrow 3/8-inch slit under the protruding nose. The combination of a Permalife™ finish and a ribbed surface means that all of the fluid flows smoothly. This pushes any debris off your roof while retaining the essential function of a gutter.

3. Gutter Helmet Extends Protection to Your Gutter’s Support

Other gutter systems do protect the gutters. What makes Gutter Helmet the best gutter guard system in Grand Rapids MN, and the entire country, is that it also protects the structures that keep your gutter up. Specifically, it covers and protects your fascia. That is the wooden component where every gutter attaches. That tends to be vulnerable to water infiltration and rot. This won’t be a concern when you have Gutter Helmet.

A gutter guard keeps your gutters clear from clogging and ensures that you spend less on maintenance and cleaning. Gutter Helmet is the best you can get, as it provides maximum coverage, effective functionality, and even great aesthetics. It lends a streamlined look to your roof. Call Gutter Helmet of Northern Minnesota today, and we will be more than happy to help.