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Gutter cleaning is one of the most important maintenance tasks homeowners shouldn’t ignore. However, it is also potentially dangerous, especially if one isn’t fully aware of the safety precautions needed to perform the job. This can lead to mistakes that could cause bodily injuries and property damage. 

1. Overreaching While on Top of the Ladder

Overextending your arms to reach for debris on the gutters while on top of the ladder can throw you off balance and cause a fall. This is more likely if you don’t have someone below keeping the ladder secure on the ground.

2. Not Removing All the Clogs

There’s a huge chance that you will leave behind dead leaves, twigs, dust and other organic matter if you can’t see the inside of the gutters from your vantage point on top of the ladder. Even using the wrong tools may not unclog the rest of your gutters. With this, your gutter system won’t function as intended, leading to issues that can affect your roof and the exterior components of your home.

3. Not Adhering to Ladder Safety

Working at any height poses risks, which is why ladders have warnings printed directly on them. Ladder-related injuries, however, are still quite common due to lack of safety precautions, improper procedures and inexperience on the part of the homeowner. Sometimes, it makes more sense to let the professionals do the cleaning for you.

Aside from hiring the pros, consider investing in gutter guards as well. The right product can eliminate interior gutter cleaning and decrease the need to maintain the gutters significantly. At Gutter Helmet® Piedmont, we install Gutter Helmet, America’s most trusted choice in gutter protection for more than 35 years. As one of the leading Gutter Helmet dealers in the area, we are proud to employ certified installers.

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