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3 Main Reasons to Install a Gutter Protection System

By November 4, 2015No Comments

The main role of a gutter system is to collect rainwater and channel it to proper slopes, away from your home. The problem is that in the course of collecting rainwater, your gutters also collect debris, such as leaves and twigs. If you’re not careful, your home will be susceptible to various problems related to water damage. This is where a gutter protection system comes in handy. Here are three reasons you should install one today:

Gutter Helmet® Prevents Damage

Among other parts of your home, gutters are susceptible to various problems since they are exposed the outdoors. One of the most harmful problems that your gutters can encounter is blocking, which leads to paint damage, dry rot on soffit and fascia boards, mold issues, basement flooding, and soil erosion. It can also cause the excess water to soak your windows, doors, and siding. The good news is that Gutter Helmet can prevent this from happening.

Gutter Helmet Extends the Life Span of Gutters

Gutter Helmet extends your gutters’ lifespan, but how this is possible? For one, a protection system prevent the buildup of debris. It filters out all the leaves and branches while directing rainwater away from your home. Now, your gutters can stay drier and healthier for a longer period. Having a gutter protection system also means no longer having to climb up on ladders to clean your gutters, which means it’s safer for homeowners.

Gutter Helmet Offers Excellent Protection

Lastly, you should consider installing a gutter protection system for protection. Gutter Helmet has a patented nose-forward design, which keeps gutters free from debris. It’s textured and ribbed surface also increases water surface tension and tensile strength. This lets Gutter Helmet withstand rainfall, snowfall, and winds. Every component of Gutter Helmet is designed to give maximum protection. It also keeps gutters virtually maintenance free.

Gutter Helmet of Western North Carolina has been installing quality protection systems and hanging gutters in Arden NC, and the local area, for more than two decades. Many homeowners turn to us because of our top-of-the-line products and exceptional workmanship.

If you want to experience the Gutter Helmet difference, give us a call today. We will be ready to assist you and install the best gutter guards.