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3 Key Benefits of Having a Quality Gutter System

By August 17, 2016October 17th, 2023No Comments

Gutters and their downspouts provide an efficient first step in controlling roof runoff. Having a clear understanding of this functionality will provide you with an insight into why these components need to be of the highest quality.

That said, let Chattahoochee Gutter Co., the top provider of gutter downspout extension in Salem, Alabama, discuss three main benefits of having a quality gutter system:

Lasting Protection against Moisture Damage

Quality gutters will last for a long time without requiring any major repairs. This way, they can channel water off your roof and protect the rest of your home from moisture damage and basement flooding. Gutters have no substitute in terms of function, so if you have to call for gutter repairs every now and then, you might as well get new ones.

Preserves the Curb Appeal of Your Home

Nothing ruins a façade more than the sight of peeling paint, blistered siding, or rotting wood frames. When water cannot flow cleanly away from your roof, it will drip down the side, leaving a trail of unsightly stains in its wake. In addition, water that cannot effectively flow away from your home will pool and could harm surrounding landscaping. A quality gutter system is instrumental in preventing these occurrences.

Curtails the Formation of Ice Dams

Ice dams weigh heavily on your roof’s framework which, if left unchecked, can compromise its structural integrity. With a quality gutter system in place, you can limit the chances of ice dam formations. For lasting protection, we recommend installing a Gutter Helmet® protection system. These covers fit over your gutters, ensuring that only water gets into the troughs and out the downspouts.

We also install a gutter downspout extension in Salem, Alabama in the event that you need a longer drainage pipe away from your home. For instance, your existing downspout may be in an area that receives a ton of foot traffic, such as walkways, driveways, and patios.

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