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3 Improvement Projects to Consider When Selling Your Home

By October 28, 2015No Comments

We’ve all heard about the competition in the real estate market. If you’re planning to sell your home soon, you need to be smart about the home improvement projects that you will implement. Moreover, you have to make sure this will improve your property’s value without compromising your finances. Here are three home improvement projects that you can do.

Gutter Cleaning
Gutters protect your walls, windows, siding and foundation from being damaged by water during and after storms. Make sure your gutters are clog-free before listing your home. Otherwise, you could have to deal with the issues that come with this significant problem – and your prospective buyers will be turned off.

Shingle Replacement
Whether due to harsh weather conditions or wear and tear, missing shingles can lead to leaks that necessitate repairs and affect the appeal of your home. Make it a point to schedule a professional roof inspection before listing your home to make sure your roof is in good repair. Be sure to replace any missing shingles right away to maintain the look of your roofing system and your home.

Paint Siding
More than just a functional part of your home, siding is an asset to your home’s aesthetics. A fresh paint job can make this part of your exterior even better. Be sure that the shade you choose will complement the style of your home and blend well with other homes in the neighborhood.

Remember, clogged gutters, missing shingles and peeling siding are big turn-offs for homebuyers. Making these improvements to your home will give you an edge up in the real estate market.

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