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While gutter cleaning isn’t a home maintenance task that many homeowners look forward to doing, it’s very important. Since cleaning gutters with gutter guards can be tedious and time-consuming, some homeowners choose to delegate this task to the pros.


In this article from Gutter Helmet® of Cookeville, you’ll learn about the three most important things to keep in mind when choosing to work with professional gutter cleaners.

1. You need to prepare your home.

You’ll need to prepare your home before the gutter cleaning crew arrives. No need to vacuum the carpet or fluff up the couches—you only need to make sure that your yard is free of dog toys, kids’ toys, rocks and other stray lawn ornaments so that it’s a safe area for the gutter cleaners to set their ladders on.

2. You don’t have to tip.

Unlike in the food and restaurant industries, tipping etiquette is still a largely debated topic when it comes to home maintenance and improvement industries. Generally speaking, you don’t have to tip your cleaning contractor. However, you can show your hospitality by offering refreshments to the crew, especially if it’s hot outside. You can also leave a positive review on their website as a form of thanks for a job well done.

3. You’ll need to have this done often.

Gutter cleaning frequency depends on how many trees you have in your backyard and how much rainfall your area experiences. Ideally, it should be done in the spring and fall. Don’t hesitate to ask your gutter contractor what they recommend in terms of a cleaning schedule. Depending on your local climate, age of your gutters, amount of trees on your property and other factors, they may recommend that you have your gutters cleaned more or less often than twice a year.

Hiring pros to clean your gutters is a smart move, but did you know that cleaning gutters with gutter guards is completely possible on your own as well? Call Gutter Helmet of Cookeville today at (931) 510-8680 to learn more! We serve Cookeville, TN.