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Cleaning your gutters is essential to keeping a gutter system healthy. However, there are dozens of cleaning tips that may do more harm than good for your gutters. Gutter Helmet® of Piedmont, your trusted gutter guard installer, discusses the three cleaning methods you should avoid using.

Leaf Blower Method

Got stubborn gutter debris that won’t come out? Leaf blowers allow homeowners to get rid of clogs without much contact. A leaf blower, however, is likely to make a huge mess you’ll still have to clean up.

For a more efficient way to get debris out of your gutters, ask our gutter experts to manually scoop it out and prevent the hassle of having to sweep and pick up scattered leaves and branches. Think about installing quality gutter guards to keep leaves out of your gutters for good.

Pressure Washer Method

Although it may look satisfying to pressure wash pavements and sidewalks on videos you’ll find online, your gutters might not be able to handle the extreme water pressure. It can damage the body of your gutters, cause seam breakage and chip paint off your gutters and even your roof or siding. The best way to drain the gutter downspout is to use a garden hose with medium pressure to flush out the leftover gunk.

Wiping Your Gutters With Strong Cleaning Agents

It’s not necessary to use strong chemicals when cleaning your gutters. Use a mild cleaner if you’re worried about algae and mold formation. Ask your gutter manufacturer or installer for advice on what product you can use for this.

The best way to care for your gutters is to install one of the best gutter protection products on the market: the Gutter Helmet® system. At Gutter Helmet of Piedmont, we’re proud to be a certified gutter guard installer for this industry-leading manufacturer. Call us at (704) 494-4066 for more information. You can also fill out our contact form to request a free, no-obligation project quote. We offer quality gutter guards to residents of Charlotte, NC.