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Installing a gutter protection system is a good investment to prevent clogged gutters. Gutter clogs form when debris, leaves and pine needles enter your gutters and block the flow of water. This causes your gutters to overflow, which puts your roof, foundation, landscape and siding at risk of water damage. To protect your home, you need to look for certain features in a gutter protection system.

Gutter Guard

Great Durability

You rely on your gutters to redirect rainwater to your downspouts, especially when it’s pouring rain. Your gutter protection system needs to withstand anything the weather can throw at it. There are many options today featuring different materials and designs. While a vinyl leaf filter in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, can be effective, we offer a better solution. Gutter Helmet® is a high-quality, lightweight and durable aluminum gutter cover. It’s tough enough to withstand the heaviest rain.

Proven Performance

Your gutter protection system doesn’t just need to survive downpours, it has to outlast them for decades. Fortunately, Gutter Helmet can support up to 22 inches of rain per hour, double the highest amount of rainfall ever recorded by the U.S. Weather Bureau. It uses the principle of surface tension to direct rain into your gutters. Our product has no vertical openings, so there’s little chance of leaves or other debris getting through.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Your gutter protection system should help reduce your gutter maintenance requirements by eliminating the need for gutter cleaning. Compared with a leaf filter in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, Gutter Helmet has a high-performance Kynar paint system that prevents fading, chalking, cracking and peeling. It also protects the system from the effects of acid rain and salt water. Gutter Helmet has a lifetime warranty, so you know you can rely on it for many years.

Gutter Helmet has been the country’s #1 choice in gutter protection for over 30 years because of its great features. It’s durable, low maintenance and can perform in the most challenging weather. It will minimize your gutters’ maintenance requirements and maximize their performance. Call us at (800) 824-3772 to learn more about Gutter Helmet. You can also request a free quote.