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Clogged gutters can take their toll on your home. When left unattended, rainwater can overflow and find its way to your roof and landscaping, causing damage. It can also encourage mold growth, which can pose health risks.

Gutters Clog-Free

That said, it’s essential to keep your gutters clean and healthy at all times. Consider these tips from Gutter Helmet® of Michigan:

Schedule a Routine Maintenance

Gutter systems require cleaning and inspection at least twice a year and after a storm. This allows you to spot issues early and remove debris that cause congestion. For the best results, it’s important to work with a gutter expert as they have the proper skills and tools to do the job efficiently.

Trim Nearby Trees

Not only do overhanging branches damage your roof, they also clog your gutters. Minimize the leaves and twigs collecting in the system by trimming nearby trees. Doing so will also keep safe your home during severe conditions.

Install a Gutter Protection System

Spare yourself the risks and hassles of gutter maintenance when you invest in a gutter protection system, designed to keep debris out so rainwater can flow freely into your downspouts. By keeping your gutters systems clean with less work on your part, you save time, money and effort.

Among gutter guards, one reigns supreme: Gutter Helmet®. It features an advanced nose-forward design and textured surface to maintain a smooth water flow. It also has a 3/8”-wide slit that filters out debris. With this innovative cover installed, you can rest easy knowing that your gutters are safe for a long time.

End your gutter woes by turning to Gutter Helmet of Michigan right away. We offer first-rate services and cost-effective solutions to meet your needs. Give us a call at (800) 824-3772 to get a free estimate. We serve residents of Wyoming, Michigan and other nearby areas.