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Your gutters protect the rest of your home from water damage by directing rain to your downspouts. However, dirt, leaves, and other debris can get into your gutters and cause a clog. This will eventually lead to water damage that requires costly repairs. ABC Seamless Siding can install the best rain gutter system for your home together with an effective gutter protection system. Here are the problems our Gutter Helmet® system can prevent:

3 Costly Problems Gutter Helmet® Can Prevent

Ice Damming

Gutter clogs can cause water to overflow from your gutters and back up onto your roof. This overflowing water can eventually freeze and form into ice dams, which can damage your roof. Gutter Helmet can prevent this problem by stopping leaves and other debris from entering your gutters. Smooth water flow in your gutters and good attic ventilation and insulation are all key to preventing ice dams.

Structural Damage

Clogged and overflowing gutters can cause structural damage to several parts of your home. For example, the water can drench your home’s foundation and put your home’s structural integrity at risk. It can also cause your basement to flood. Moisture issues in your basement can lead to mold and mildew growth. Gutter Helmet can prevent these issues because it completely covers your gutters and has no vertical openings. Debris can’t get past it to form clogs.

Siding Damage

Overflowing water from your gutters can run down the sides of your home and damage your siding. In addition, this water can also cause water damage to your fascia boards. These boards hold your gutter system in place. If they deteriorate, they can cause your gutters to sag, which leads to even more problems.

As an experienced gutter company, we can install the best rain gutter system for your home together with Gutter Helmet. This combination will ensure that you’ll never have to worry about gutter clogs ever again. Call us at (866) 405-8248 to learn more about our services and products or to ask for a free quote. We serve Anchorage, AK, and nearby areas.

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