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3 Common Gutter Styles and Features To Consider

By June 23, 2016October 17th, 2023No Comments

Gutters come in different styles, colors, and prices so you can easily find a match for the unique style of your roof and house. The problem is in knowing which one to pick among all the options on the market today.

Let Infinity Home Improvements lend you a hand by discussing the unique features of three common gutter styles in Wyoming, Michigan:

Half-Round Gutters

This classic style often graces older, historic homes. They were mostly made from lead sheets around wooden poles until the Revolutionary War’s demand for lead made copper the more popular choice. Half-round gutters usually have a smaller trough capacity than K-style or box gutters, which means they cannot contain quite as much water.

K-style Gutters

These gutters bear a striking semblance to crown molding, which earned them the nickname “ogee” gutters (an architectural term for a type of decorative curve). They have flat bottoms and backs, while the front side of the gutter features the ogee curve. K-style is one of the most popular gutter styles in Wyoming, Michigan, and is available in a wide array of materials, including aluminum, vinyl, galvanized steel, and even copper.

Box Gutters

Also known as square gutters, this style has a deep, wide trough, but lacks the unique curves that make the K-style stand out. Box gutters have been around for centuries, where they adorned many neoclassical buildings to resemble ancient Roman and Greek cornices. These days, however, their unique features make them ideal for commercial buildings and homes where handling large amounts of roof runoff is more important that aesthetics.

No matter the gutter style you choose, you will need to ensure that it is clean and free of leaves, twigs, and other debris that can cause clogs. That’s why we offer Gutter Helmet® gutter guards, which act as a strain to filter out dirt and debris while allowing only water into the troughs. Gutter Helmet fits over any gutter system and will help eliminate the cost and rigors of frequent gutter cleaning. In addition, it comes with a lifetime warranty so you never have to worry about replacing your gutter guards again.

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