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15 Things You Can Ask Your Gutter Pro to Do (in Addition to Gutter Cleaning)

By August 14, 2012No Comments

Cleaning your gutters regularly is an important part of maintaining your home and its foundation. But if you don’t like doing the job yourself, there are plenty of professionals in your area who will happily take care of this chore for you.


In fact, many of these companies and contractors do more than just gutter cleaning. So if other parts of your home need professional attention, here are some things you can ask your gutter pro to take care of for you. He may be able to kill two (or three or more) birds with one stone!

  1. Gutter inspection, repair, and installation. After your gutters are clean, your pro can check to see if your gutters are leaking, sagging or cracking and then fix the problem — even if it means hanging new guttering.
  2. Roofing. Many gutter pros also know how to inspect your roof for leaks and damage, make the necessary repairs, and replace any missing or compromised shingles.
  3. Roof cleaning. Gutter cleaners can give your roof a good spring (or fall) cleaning after making your gutters look spic and span.
  4. Ice dam removal. In winter, ice dams can build up in your gutters, which causes them to sag or buckle. Gutter cleaners have the skills and the tools to take care of this problem.
  5. Outdoor bulb changing. While your gutter pro has his ladder handy, he can climb up to replace any outdoor bulbs that might be burned out — especially those on second-story rooflines or tall trees.
  6. Chimney sweeping. Ask your gutter pro if he can also clean your chimney and sweep out any debris which may have accumulated over time.
  7. Tree service. Again, those tall ladders come in handy for off-the-ground jobs like tree trimming and limb removal.
  8. Window cleaning. Some of the power-washing equipment used by gutter cleaners work just as well cleaning off all of your exterior windows.
  9. Deck cleaning. Using high-velocity water to scrub down your deck is a great way to get ready for all of the outdoor activities you may soon be hosting.
  10. Power washing driveways and sidewalks. The grime and dirt that build up over time on concrete can be blasted away by your gutter pro’s power washing apparatus.
  11. Air duct cleaning. Exterior (or even interior) air ducts leading from basements, garages, or attics can be vacuumed out using many of the same tools used for gutter cleaning.
  12. French or curtain drain installation. Your gutter cleaning pro might also know how to move runoff water away from your home by installing an underground drain and/or regrading your yard accordingly.
  13. Underground drain snaking. For existing drains, your pro may be able to utilize a plumbing snake to unblock any clogs which may have formed in your underground pipes.
  14. General handyman work. Even if they don’t list a specific service, many gutter pros will be able to perform minor handyman chores of almost any kind — and they may only charge you for parts and labor.
  15. Foundation resealing. Some pros may have the equipment to excavate your yard and reseal your foundation — though if they have to do that, you may have already waited too long to clean your gutters!