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12 Dos and Don’ts of Ladder Safety

By October 2, 2015No Comments

Ladders are a handy tool when it comes to roof and gutter inspection. Nonetheless, using ladders involves numerous risks. To avoid any injuries or falls, Gutter Helmet® of Kansas City LLC presents important dos and don’ts of ladder safety.

1. Do inspect your ladder for damage. Make sure that rungs are sturdy and all hardware is functioning properly. You should also check for splinters and sharp edges, dents, and/or torn ropes.

2. Do carry the ladder in a horizontal position.

3. Do place a ladder at least one-quarter of the working length away from the roof’s edge.

4. Do make sure that the ladder is on even ground that is not too soft.

5. Do ensure that locks and braces are secure.

6. Do select the right ladder for the job. Ladders differ in length and the amount of weight they can support.

7. Do maintain three points of contact on the ladder at all times: two hands and a foot, or two feet and a hand.

8. Do keep your body centered in the middle of each step. Do not lean out from a ladder.

9. Don’t place a ladder in front of a door or window.

10. Don’t get yourself or a ladder within 15 feet of an overhead electrical wire.

11. Don’t use boxes, barrels or other objects to add height to ladders.

12. Don’t try to use a ladder in bad weather.

Once you’re on the ladder to inspect your gutters, make sure you hold onto the ladder with both hands. Don’t reach too far out from the ladder because it can throw you off balance. If you’re carrying equipment, use a tool belt or a pulley mechanism. Non-slip shoes are also important. Finally, keep focused and always face the ladder.

With these tips, you can ensure safe inspection of your gutters and roofing. To eliminate risks, have the experts at Gutter Helmet of Kansas City handle all your gutter needs! We are a locally-owned company that offers reliable gutter protection systems for your home. We are factory-trained, certified and experienced when it comes to hanging gutters in Belton, Missouri safely.

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