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10 Safety Tips on the 10th Annual Falls Prevention Awareness Day

By September 18, 2017October 18th, 2023No Comments

September 22, 2017 isn’t just the first day of fall. It’s the 10th annual Falls Prevention Awareness Day! The goal of this observance is to keep older adults safer by raising awareness of ways to prevent falls.

Annual Falls Prevention Awareness Day

This year’s theme is “10 Years Standing Together to Prevent Falls,” so we’ve decided to give you 10 safety tips to help you stay safe.

  1. Use safety rails. If your home has stairs, be sure to use your railings every time you go up and down the stairs. If yours aren’t well-affixed to the walls, hire someone to attach them to the studs.
  2. Grab bars. Don’t hesitate to install grab bars because you think they’re unattractive. Today’s grab bars aren’t all institutional-looking. You can have decorative grab bars installed around your shower, toilet and even around doorframes. Grab bars are great to use in places where you need extra support or you may need to catch your balance.
  3. Clean up clutter. Clutter inside and outside your home are major causes of falls. Make sure all walking paths are clear of items that could be a fall hazard.
  4. Remove tripping hazards. Many decorative items in our homes can cause falls. Area rugs are among the top tripping hazards in homes. Others are curved table, bed, and chair legs that protrude out from the furniture.
  5. Proper lighting. It’s easy to trip on something you can’t see. Consider installing motion-sensing lights in hall and entryways to ensure a well-lit path. If motion-sensing lights aren’t an option, install night lights to light the floors in dark areas.
  6. Install non-slip flooring. Some tile, linoleum, and wood becomes slippery with even the smallest amount of water. If you have smooth flooring, consider installing new textured flooring that will better grip your shoes.
  7. Wear shoes. By wearing shoes with non-skid soles, you are much less likely to slip than in stockings or bare feet. Good shoes should fit properly and always be securely tied.
  8. Keep eye exams current. It’s also easy to trip over something if you can’t see it clearly. Regular eye exams and new glasses will help you see anything in your path.
  9. Use walkers. Don’t be ashamed to use a walker. A walker helps with balance and if you have trouble seeing, your walker will hit an obstacle before you do, which will give you time to maneuver around it rather than tripping and falling over it.
  10. Ask for help. It’s not always easy to ask for help with seemingly simple tasks, like changing out a lightbulb, but you should. As we age, our sense of balance deteriorates and we tend to lose our balance more. Avoiding situations where you may fall can prevent accidents.

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There are many things you can do to avoid falls and we hope that these recommendations benefit you or a loved one. Many homeowners ask themselves, “Are gutter guards a good idea?” The answer is yes because gutter guards eliminate the task of cleaning gutters. Climbing on ladders is a major fall hazard for all ages and can be avoided by having gutter guards installed. If you’re interested in the top-rated gutter guards on the market, call (800) 824-3772 to schedule your free estimate with your local Gutter Helmet representative.