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Online customer reviews are a powerful source of information that has a major impact on consumer behavior, consumer loyalty and the entire purchasing process. Studies have shown that there is a strong correlation between positive online feedback and sales.


The importance of customer reviews

It turns out that 90% of consumers refer to online reviews before visiting a business. Additionally, 88% of them regard these reviews as personal recommendations. Because so many customers say that positive reviews make them trust a business more, Gutter Helmet® strives for excellent gutter guard reviews in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Moon Associates, in partnership with the brand, earns this trust with skillful installation and excellent customer service. Here are the reasons your feedback matters to us.

  • Innovation. Your feedback is important to the continuous innovation of Gutter Helmet products. Your opinions help determine which features should be incorporated in the product. Thanks to your reviews, we can better meet future customers’ needs.
  • Comparison. Your comments allow us to understand how we stand against competitive products. You help us determine where our products excel or fall short compared with other options.
  • Satisfaction. We also evaluate our employees on how satisfied our customers are with their experience. As we highly value our gutter guard reviews in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, it is important that we promptly resolve all of your questions and concerns.
  • Market Trends. Your reviews help us detect technological trends to help us improve on our products, installation and customer care. We are a forward-moving company that aims to provide the best value to customers. That is why we keep up with the latest innovations in the industry.

Gutter Helmet® Reviews on the Web

Throughout the years, Gutter Helmet has received reviews from countless satisfied customers. In particular, they like our gutter guard’s design, which provides a permanent solution to gutter cleaning. Unlike other gutter products, Gutter Helmet can stand up to heavy rainfall and filters all kinds of debris. It also comes in an array of colors to match the exterior of your home.

Because we value your satisfaction, expect us to deliver seamless installation of your new gutter protection system. Call us today at (800) 824-3772 for a hassle-free experience.