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Some homeowners choose to clean their own gutters. This task is quite risky, however, since it involves long hours of standing on a ladder. In fact, ladder falls are one of the top causes of fatal falls in the U.S. Gutter Helmet® of Kansas City recommends a permanent solution that can keep your gutters clean, so you won’t have to risk your safety year after year.

Gutter Helmet

About Our Gutter Guards

As expert installers of one of the most reliable gutter guards in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, we can add Gutter Helmet over your existing system. Its effective design ensures that rainwater flows freely into the gutters, while debris and leaves stay out.

Gutter Helmet’s ribbed design allows for better surface tension, so water clings to the material as it enters the 3/8-inch opening. This gutter protection system helps gutters handle up to 22 inches of rainfall per hour, so you won’t have to worry about sagging again.

Our product also comes with a nose-forward design that extends and curves just past the edge of the gutter. This prevents any kind of debris from entering and clogging gutters. We also use sturdy aluminum brackets to secure both the gutter and the cover in place. They help keep the entire structure intact even when exposed to the harshest elements.

Enjoy a clog-free system all year round with Gutter Helmet. Our gutter guards in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, can prevent leaks, mildew growth and all kinds of water damage to your home. You’ll also never have to worry about risking your personal safety just to clean your gutters.

About Our Professional Team

Trust our trained crew to handle your gutter guard installation with care and precision. As certified Gutter Helmet installers, we can ensure the product’s optimum performance. We’ll also complete cleaning and minor repairs to your gutters before the installation.

Stay safe and leave your gutter concerns to the pros. We can install Gutter Helmet over your current system to keep it clean and clear of debris. Call us at (800) 824-3772 today to get started.