Where Should Rainwater From Your Gutters Be Directed?

Gutters are critical in keeping water runoff away from your home. Without a properly functioning gutter system, your home — particularly your foundation — can be exposed to moisture. This can eventually result in costly damage. In this post, rain gutter guard expert Gutter Helmet of Western North Carolina discusses the common methods used to ensure that […]

Are Your Gutters Prepared for Sudden Summer Storms?

While summer is a season for relaxation, family gatherings, trips and holidays, it can also be the season for sudden summer hail storms or worse. Sudden heavy rains or even hail are not unheard of even during the hottest days of summer and poorly-maintained roofing and gutter systems are all but one bad weather condition […]

Are Your Gutters Harboring Mosquitoes?

End-of-summer rain showers mark the start of the breeding season for mosquitoes. Females will begin to gather in places where there is standing water and, to facilitate their egg-laying, will begin to gather as much blood as they can. Only female mosquitoes need blood. In fact, male mosquitoes are vegetarians and prefer nectar and fruit […]

Things That Can Cause Your Gutters To Sag

Top 4 Things That Can Cause Your Gutters to Sag

Inspecting your gutters should be part of your seasonal home maintenance checklist. You’ll have to check your gutters if they are clogged, misaligned or sagging. Any of these problems can cause water damage to your home. Today, we will focus on sagging gutters. Gutter Helmet® of Western North Carolina, an expert in cleaning gutters with […]

Gutter Helmet Maintenance Needs

Gutter Helmet® Eliminates the Need for Gutter Maintenance

Installing a gutter protection system will improve your gutters’ life span, reduce their maintenance requirements and lower the risk of water damage to your home. Gutter Helmet® of Western North Carolina can install one of the best gutter covers in the industry: Gutter Helmet. Here’s how Gutter Helmet works and how it eliminates the need […]

Gutter Helmet Long Lasting Protection

Gutter Helmet® Installation for Long-Lasting Protection

Your gutters play a key role in redirecting rainwater to your drainage system, which is why you need to keep it clog-free. A reliable way to do this is by investing in a Gutter Helmet® system. This type of gutter cover is a smart alternative to gutter caps that prevents clogging. Learn how Gutter Helmet® […]

Things to Look for in a Gutter Protection System

Things to Look for in a Gutter Protection System

Your gutters work most effectively when they direct the water that rolls down your roof without a hitch. This also makes them very vulnerable to catching all of the leaves and other debris that tend to get caught in the flow. That’s why we recommend Gutter Helmet®—it’s a great long-term investment that provides enduring and […]