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Gutter Installer

3 Tips to Hire an Expert Gutter Installer

When it comes to gutters and gutter guards, it pays to invest not only in high-quality products, but also highly reputable, experienced contractors to complete the installation. You could purchase the most durable gutters in the world, but if the contractors you hire to do the installation botch the job, your system won’t perform well […]

nose-forward gutter guard

How a Nose-Forward Gutter Guard Works

Leaves and other debris can accumulate in your gutters and cause a clog. This will inhibit your gutters from draining water away from your home, resulting in significant water damage to your house and landscape, as well as putting your interior at risk of mold and mildew growth. So how do you prevent this? You […]

commercial gutter guards

The Importance of Quality Gutters to Your Business

Investing in high-quality gutters is a smart business decision. While choosing a lower quality gutter or gutter guard and going with a less reputable contractor for the installation might save you some money now, you’ll end up paying far more in the long run for maintenance, repairs and premature replacement. And that’s not even getting into […]

mold and mildew growth

The Link Between Gutters and Your Health

Do you or a member of your household often feel unwell? Do you have allergies that just don’t seem to go away, no matter what you do? Environmental factors are among the leading causes of chronic illnesses. Many people live in homes that have mold and mildew infestations they’re not even aware of, and experience […]

Rain Gutter Guards

Why Choose Surface Tension Gutter Guards

Spring is approaching – along with its characteristic torrential downpours – which makes now an ideal time to invest in a gutter protection system. Without gutter guards, your gutters are susceptible to clogs, which can lead to significant, costly water damage to your home. In today’s post, the experts at Gutter Helmet® explain how our […]

Gutter Helmet

[VIDEO] Gutter Helmet® Makes Life Easier for Our Customers!

In today’s busy world, many homeowners have demanding careers and are also raising young children, which makes finding time for anything other than family and work challenging. With so many priorities already competing for their attention, the last thing most homeowners want to worry about is tedious home maintenance tasks like gutter cleaning – but […]

gutter guard

Will Gutter Helmet® Work with Your Existing Roof? | Gutter Helmet

Fed up with clogged gutters and the associated hassles? If you’re considering investing in a gutter protection system, but concerned it won’t be compatible with your existing roof, worry no more. Gutter Helmet® is the best gutter guards system on the market today, and it works with every style of roof, regardless of the material.

ice dam

Stop Damage Caused by Ice Dams with an Ice Defense System | Gutter Helmet

Ice dams may lead to pretty icicles, but they can also cause costly damage to your gutters, your roof, and even the inside of your home. Fortunately, Gutter Helmet® has developed an ingenious product to reduce the formation of ice dams on your roof: Helmet Heat®, a system of self-regulating cables placed just under your […]

Gutter Helmet New Year’s Resolution

New Year, Better Home: How Gutter Helmet® Can Help with Resolutions | Gutter Helmet

  The new year offers a clean slate and a chance to accomplish those pesky goals that got away from you the previous year – like home improvement projects. If your New Year’s resolutions include finding ways to enhance your home’s value, aesthetic appeal and performance, consider Gutter Helmet®. Easily installed over your existing gutters, […]

how roof leaks increase your energy bills

Going Through the Roof: How Roof Leaks Increase Your Energy Bills | Gutter Helmet

No one wants a leaky roof. Water damage, mold growth and electrical hazards are just a few of the many expensive inconveniences that a roof leak can cause you and your family. But many homeowners don’t realize that on top of these other costly issues, a leaky roof can also decrease your home’s energy efficiency, […]

how to prepare for the winter weather

Be Ready! Your Winter Weather Preparedness Kit | Gutter Helmet

With temperatures plummeting outside, now is the time to make sure you’re adequately prepared for winter weather. From preventing burst pipes in your home to protecting your roof from leaks by installing gutter covers, planning for winter as a homeowner requires thinking through many different variables. Fortunately, the winter weather experts at Gutter Helmet® have […]

prevent icicles on the roof

How Pretty Icicles Can Cause Ugly Damage to Your Roof | Gutter Helmet

Icicles hanging from your gutters may give your home a cozy, “winter wonderland” vibe, but they also indicate a problem with your home’s performance. Left untreated, these “beautiful” icicles and ice dams can damage your home and lead to costly repairs – not to mention the fact that they can also endanger anyone standing below. […]

8 Common Gutter Maintenance Mistakes

Part of your regular home maintenance includes maintaining your gutter guards. Far too often homeowners forget to clean and/or maintain their rain gutter guards, leading to issues with their guttering system and, sometimes, costly mistakes. Here are eight common gutter maintenance mistakes that can be made during installation or maintenance. Know how to prevent them […]