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Keeping Insulation Dry

Insulation loses up to 40% of its R-value (or ability to prevent heat transfer) when exposed to water. Not to mention mold—which can cause allergy flare-ups—can form on wet insulation and affect other parts of the building.   What are the usual culprits behind damp insulation? And how do you keep your insulation dry? Find out […]

In the Dead of Winter, Helmet Heat® Protects Homes Across the Country

It’s time to get serious about winter. We know you’re probably still wrapped up in the activities of the season, such as putting away Christmas decorations, playing with new gadgets and staying cozy inside. But winter has only just begun, which means many more weeks of winter weather that can bring potential trouble to your […]

5 Deicing Options for Roofs & How They Rate

Ice is one of the biggest nuisances for homeowners in the winter. Whether it creates slick sidewalks or icicles hanging from the gutters, ice poses a serious threat to your home and to your safety, as well as that of your family. Ice that builds up along the roofline and in the gutters can lead […]

5 Common Locations for Ice Dams on a Roof

In those regions of the country that are subject to significant amounts of snowfall and extended periods of freezing temperatures, many homes are damaged by a phenomenon known as ice damming. An ice dam is a ridge of ice that prevents snowmelt from draining off the roof. Ice dams occur when heat from a home’s […]

Helmet Heat®: The Effective & Economical Solution to Ice Damming

In the winter, you may see heating cables for roofs while strolling through the home improvement store, or you might hear about them on the TV or radio. There are many terms used to describe this type of product: heat tracing cables, roof deicing cables, heat tape, gutter heating cables, self-regulating cables and more. When […]

6 Steps to Prepare Your Home for Wintry Weather

Cooler nights are a timely reminder for homeowners who have yet to prepare for the frigid temperatures and massive amounts of snowfall that are always a possibility in many regions of the country. Gutter Helmet suggests you begin by having a professional clean out your gutters and downspouts and install rain gutter covers to prevent […]

The Snowbird’s Guide to Winterizing a Home

Before flying south for the winter, all “snowbirds” must take the time to ensure their homes are properly winterized. If you’re new to this migrating lifestyle, you should know that it will be much easier to enjoy your time in the sun knowing that your home will be safe while you’re away. As such, it’s […]

The Gibraltar Team in Challenging Times

At Gibraltar, we recognize the collective strength of our employees drives our success, in good times and in more challenging times.  Our team came together in an extraordinary way over the last several months and created a new level of community, culture and family. Across our diverse set of companies, our team of over 2,500 […]

Take Action Now to Defend Your Home Against Ice Dams

If you’re still having trouble finding the motivation to get your home ready for winter, you’re not alone; many busy homeowners have problems checking tasks such as gutter cleaning, roof inspection and window caulking off their fall maintenance list. However, there’s no better time than today to prepare your home for upcoming winter weather. The […]

The Dos & Don’ts of Gutters, Downspouts & Gutter Guards

As fall begins, many homeowners are climbing up on their roofs to inspect and clean out gutters. Getting this job done will do a lot more than just protect your gutters, however. Your home’s #1 enemy is water, and gutters that aren’t working properly will compromise the structural integrity of your home and may lead […]

Stop! Before You Get Out That Ladder to Clean the Gutters, Read This

There are a number of reasons to consider adding the best gutter guards around to your gutters, but the main purpose is to protect them from the build-up of leaves and other tree debris. When left unattended, clogged gutters can result in thousands of dollars in damage due to rot, erosion and foundation problems. Safety […]