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What Are the Biggest Threats to Your Lawn’s Health?

A green and healthy landscape demands proper care and maintenance to keep it visually appealing. If you put off the necessary maintenance routine, your lawn can easily be overwhelmed by different threats such as pests and weeds. Neglecting to provide adequate water and nutrition can also gradually damage your lawn over time.

Why a Seamless Gutter System Is Worth the Investment

Having the right materials and components in place is crucial if you want to keep your home safe and secure. This also applies to your gutters, especially when it’s time for a replacement. You can choose to have a sectional gutter installed, but if you want long-term benefits for your roof, consider investing in a […]

Popular Home Improvement Projects That Save Time & Money

Are you planning to renovate your home this summer? This can be a great way to improve your comfort and quality of life, and there are many home improvement projects that you can do to help you save time and money. If you are making improvements to your roof and gutter system, you’ll need to […]

How to Properly Inspect Your Gutters

Your gutters are crucial in keeping your home safe and dry as they’re designed to safely redirect water runoff and prevent water accumulation on your roof. But to ensure that they stay effective, they must be regularly inspected and maintained. You can also hire a professional to install gutter guard systems so that you won’t have to […]

Top Reasons to Avoid Foam Gutter Guards

Foam gutter guards are affordable and easily purchased at your local hardware store. While these gutter guards may perform well during the first few months, you won’t see the same level of performance as time passes. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of gutter sponges deteriorates after two years, on average.

How to Care for Your Lawn This Spring

Winter can wreak havoc on your lawn with extreme temperatures and harsh weather. Fortunately, you can bring your lawn back to life during spring and keep it in good shape for the coming months. In this post, gutter cover expert Gutter Helmet lists a few things you can do to keep your lawn beautiful and lush. 

Simple Ways to Prepare Your Home for Extreme Weather

Unpredictable weather can cause damage to your roof and home if you don’t maintain your property on a regular basis. For instance, heavy rains can weigh down weakly attached gutter systems and spill water over your siding, landscaping and foundation, causing more extensive damage. The harsh conditions during a strong windstorm or tropical storm can […]

Forbes Magazine Recognizes Gutter Helmet as the “Gold Standard” Among Gutter Guards

Keeping leaves and debris from clogging your home’s gutters is an ongoing challenge. Just ask the editors of Forbes Magazine, one of the country’s leading publications on business and financial issues. Forbes recently called gutter guards a “must-have” for homeowners, especially those living in areas of extreme weather variations or who have overhanging trees on […]

Exterior Remodeling Choices That Will Shorten Your Honey-Do List

Sunny spring and summer days are perfect for making exterior home improvements. To use your time and money wisely, it’s important to choose projects that are low-maintenance and provide a good return on investment. By investing in the following exterior upgrades, you’ll be able to reduce your ongoing home maintenance demands, which will also shorten […]

Can Your Gutters Survive the Next Storm?

Sometimes hurricane-force winds tear off gutters or cause trees to come crashing down on them. However, if you have the right gutters, more often than not, they’ll be able to stand up to the torrential rain, hail and strong wind gusts that come with the less severe — but still potentially damaging — thunderstorms that […]

How to Clean Your Deck or Patio

Nothing is better in the summer than hanging out with family and friends in your backyard, sipping cold drinks and eating food hot off the grill. But it’s harder to relax and unwind when you’re looking at a grimy deck or patio and sitting on dirty furniture.

Give Your Home a Spring Check-Up

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the 2021-22 winter season saw above-average temperatures across the country, while precipitation was below to much-below average. Though Alaska was an anomaly with the wettest winter on record, many other regions are still experiencing drought conditions. As for New England, several states saw less snow than […]

The 3 Most Common Ladder Mistakes

Some homeowners try to save money by doing work around the house themselves but, in many instances, DIYing certain types of home maintenance and improvements is unsafe and impractical — particularly those that require the use of a ladder. These jobs are best left in the hands of experienced professionals. As reported by the World […]

How to Tell That Your Gutters Are Leaking

In order to determine whether your gutters need to be repaired, you have to keep an eye out for certain signs. Your gutter system — which can include gutter covers — has a very important job: protecting your home from water buildup and damage (especially the foundation). Leaky gutters can cause all sorts of problems, […]

Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Rain Gutters

When it comes to home construction, companies won’t stay in business long if their service and quality of workmanship are subpar. Developing a good relationship with customers and keeping them happy and satisfied should be a top priority for any company. When mistakes are made and there are problems with an installation, their reputation can […]

Gibraltar 2021 Investor Day: Residential

Gibraltar Industries (the manufacturer of Gutter Helmet®) is a leader in established markets and drives a diverse set of companies. We build businesses that make an impact on the world, in good times and bad. We know that it’s the collective strength of our dedicated employees that is the driving force behind our success. When […]

Why Seamless Gutters Are Worth Every Penny

Good rain gutters are crucial when it comes to protecting your home and landscaping from water infiltration and damage. If your gutter and drainage system isn’t performing well or is just old and needs to be replaced, you’ll need to decide between two options for the best rain gutter system: sectional and seamless gutters.

Considerations to Help You Choose the Right Gutter Cover

Gutter covers are a fairly simple concept. They can be in the form of a cover or an insert that fits over or into gutters to keep out unwanted materials like leaves, twigs and other debris — basically everything except water. They’re meant to help keep your gutters clean, clear and functional. Even though the […]