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Aqua Duck

Aqua Duck has been in business serving Southeast Nebraska since 1995. The owner, Adam Phillips, is a veteran who served 8 years in the Marine Corps before starting his home improvement business. Aqua Duck provides gutters, siding, soffit, fascia, windows and Gutter Helmet gutter guards.

At Aqua Duck, we highly recommend adding a top on your gutter system. When it becomes full of debris, the system will not direct rainwater away from your home effectively. Water can flow over the sides eroding the soil around your home’s foundation, rot the fascia board and seep into your walls.

This intrusion of water into your home can cause a host of problems that can be quite costly to repair such as a cracked foundation, wet or flooding basements and mold and mildew on the walls. Installing a cover will prevent your gutters from becoming clogged, saving you the hassle of cleaning them out and the expense of possible damage to your home.

The Most Effective Gutter Protection

In our experience, there isn’t a more effective and higher quality solution than Gutter Helmet®. This patented advanced technology has been tried and tested for over 40 years. We are proud to offer this fine product along with our other services.

Our office is located at 1401 Deer Trail Roca, Nebraska, where we have an outstanding staff ready to deal with all your exterior renovation needs.

You can reach us at (800) 824-3772 or fill out our online form for a free quote. We look forward to serving you with all of your gutter needs.

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Aqua Duck

1406 Deer Trail
Roca, Nebraska 68430

Hours of Operation:

Mon 8:00am - 5:00pm CST

Tue 8:00am - 5:00pm CST

Wed 8:00am - 5:00pm CST

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Our Service Areas

  • Ashland, NE
  • Beatrice, NE
  • Bellvue, NE
  • Fremont, NE
  • Lincoln, NE
  • Nebraska City, NE
  • Omaha, NE
  • Papillion, NE
  • Waverly, NE
Aqua Duck
1406 Deer Trail
Nebraska, 68430
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