5 Trees That Don’t Belong in Your Yard

In a rush to fill the emptiness of a bare yard and provide their homes with shade to protect against the summer sun, many homeowners plant trees without first doing some research to find out what they’re getting into. Different species of trees have very distinct characteristics and require varying levels of maintenance. Here are […]

6 Steps to Prepare Your Home for Wintry Weather

Cooler nights are a timely reminder for homeowners who have yet to prepare for the frigid temperatures and massive amounts of snowfall that are always a possibility in many regions of the country. Gutter Helmet suggests you begin by having a professional clean out your gutters and downspouts and install rain gutter covers to prevent […]

Why Homes With a Slab Foundation Still Need Gutters

In certain parts of the country, many homes are built on concrete slab foundations. These houses are almost in direct contact with the ground because there is no basement or even a crawl space underneath. For this reason, many homeowners believe this type of home doesn’t need gutters due to the fact that there’s no […]

Spring Garden Ideas

Garden Ideas to Get You Ready for Spring

After a long and dreary winter, the sounds and smells of spring are starting to fill the air, and everyone is looking forward to spending more time outdoors and savoring the sunshine. But to be able to enjoy spring to the fullest, it’s important to first prepare your outdoor living space for the upcoming season. […]

Expert inspecting clogged residential gutter

4 Gutter Problems to Watch Out for This Fall

Something can go wrong with your gutters any time of year, so it is important to always watch for signs of issues. However, it is extremely important during the fall, because you want to make sure your system is ready for the harsh weather often accompanied by winter. Here are four common issues and some […]