The Downspout Extender, Part 2: Ideas to Create Better Curb Appeal

In a recent blog, we shared what makes a downspout extender one of the most effective solutions to prevent basement flooding. Homeowners who have long struggled with damp, musty basements and crawl spaces are often amazed to learn that adding an extender to their downspouts – which moves snowmelt and rainwater that drains from the […]

Tips on Choosing the Best Material for Your Gutters

Tips on Choosing the Best Material for Your Gutters

Choosing a material for your new gutters may not be as exciting as other decisions you’ll need to make as a homeowner—like what color to paint your exterior or what kind of deck to install in your backyard—but it’s just as important, if not more so. While your gutters don’t impact your home’s appearance as […]

spring cleaning tools

Martha Stewart Lied: 4 Spring Cleaning Myths

Spring is upon us, which means families across the country are upending their homes for deep cleaning sessions. But are you really doing cleaning right? Are all those clever cleaning tips your parents gave you years ago even true? In today’s post, Gutter Helmet®, proud provider of the best rain gutter covers on the market, […]

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Growing a Green Thumb: 4 Tips for the Beginning Gardener

Gardening is for everyone, so don’t let your inexperience hold you back from dabbling in this fun and rewarding activity this spring. Whether you’ve tried and failed at gardening in the past, or you’ve never attempted to grow a plant in your life, it’s not too late to pick up the hobby and cultivate your […]

The 5 Best Videos on Rain Gutter Covers

The 5 Best Videos on Rain Gutter Covers

The 5 Best Videos on Rain Gutter Covers There are lots of sources of information about the different kinds of gutter guards on the market. But for some people, brochures, advertisements, and static website pages aren’t sufficient to educate them about their choices. These individuals prefer to see something with their own eyes so they […]