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Gutter Covers Work

Do Gutter Covers Work? It Depends

It may be easy and cheap to go to your local home improvement store and buy a gutter cover, but you might be surprised when it doesn’t really work. Many of the products available for self-installation, like mesh screens, quickly become clogged with debris, or the debris filters right through and causes gutters to fill […]

6 Chores on the Honey-Do List You Don’t Actually Have to Do

The dreaded “honey-do” list. It’s the litany of tasks which must be performed in order to preserve marital harmony (oh, and to spruce up your home, too). These are the chores which inevitably become a time-suck every weekend during the months of the year which bring the best weather — time that could be allocated […]

The Best Rain Gutters for Even the Wettest Climates

Rain gutters are designed to channel precipitation runoff water from the roof to a spot on the ground away from the foundation. Most standard gutters can handle rainfall amounts that are average or even slightly above average. But what about for homes that are located in really wet climates?

5 Ways Not to Clean Snow Off Your Roof

There is an old proverb that goes, “The larger a man’s roof, the more snow it collects.” The implied moral is that as one’s wealth increases, so do his or her problems and stresses — therefore, it’s better to value simplicity over material gain. Never have those words proven to be so wise as when […]

Rainproofing Gutters

Can Your Gutters Survive the Next Superstorm?

In October 2012, Hurricane Sandy tore through much of the U.S. Northeast, bringing rain, wind, flooding, and even snow to several states. Dozens of people were killed, millions of homes went without power for days or even weeks, and damages are estimated in the billions of dollars. Those Americans who were fortunate enough to live […]

Inspecting Your Home After Hurricane Sandy

Inspecting Your Home After Hurricane Sandy

There are rain showers, thunderstorms, and heavy storms. And then there are catastrophic weather events like the rare October hurricane which recently struck much of the East Coast. You may have seen photos of some of the homes which were heavily damaged or even totally destroyed. But the damage doesn’t end there. Even though lots […]