What You Don’t Know About Ice Dams Can Still Hurt You

Gutters play an important role in keeping water away from your home. Without them, rainwater and melting snow can accumulate around your roof and cause serious damage. Cold temperatures can also bring about ice dams, which prevent water from draining properly. This can lead to serious problems for homeowners if left untreated. A gutter shield company discusses […]

Should You Detach Downspouts in Winter?

Gutters and downspouts are essential components of a home’s drainage system. In winter, temperatures can dip to levels that freeze water inside the gutters and downspouts, leading some homeowners to consider detaching the downspouts and extensions to prevent any potential ice buildup.  A gutter protection service provider shares several reasons why it is not recommended that you […]

The Best Rain Gutters for Even the Wettest Areas

It seems that rain records are being broken every year. Nashville, Tennessee, just had its wettest February ever, surpassing the average rainfall by more than 10 inches! Parts of California have feet of accumulated snow. When all that snow melts, it turns to water. So just because you don’t get a lot of rain  doesn’t […]

Ways That Ice Can Damage Your Home

5 Ways That Ice Can Damage Your Home

One of the most damaging forces in winter is ice. Ice can result from a freeze-thaw cycle after snowfall or from falling temperatures. You may end up with ice-coated trees, icicles hanging from your home or even ice in your pipes. If you’ve looked into the cost of gutter guard systems and thought they were […]

Ways To Avoid Injury While Cleaning Snow From Your Roof

5 Ways to Avoid Injury While Cleaning Snow From Your Roof

Your roof is meant to handle snowfall. However, there comes a point when snow can be damaging. If the snow on your roof approaches that point, you may start thinking about cleaning it from your roof. Keep safety in mind and avoid these common mistakes that result in injury to people and property every year.

Gutter Helmet Solution For Winter

Protect Your Home from Ice Dams with Helmet Heat®

As a homeowner, keeping your home safe in winter despite severe weather conditions is a priority. While some homeowners invest in gutter screens or a gutter leaf guard, many are stymied when it comes to harsh cold weather conditions where snow and ice build up in gutters.

Safety First! Why Helmet Heat® is the Safe Choice for Snow and Ice Protection

Safety First! Why Helmet Heat® is the Safe Choice for Snow and Ice Protection

During the winter, snow and ice accumulation on your house can lead to ice dams and buildup in your gutter system if not properly managed. When snow and ice builds up in your gutter system, water cannot flow down through the gutters and downspouts to the ground. When the water fails to drain out, gutters […]

5 Weird Stories About Gutters and Roofs

There are two things about buildings that many people take for granted: gutters and roofs. That’s largely because folks tend to focus more on the visual elements of a structure like its facade, exterior paint, or overall architecture. However, there are quite a few weird stories out there involving roofs and gutters. Here are five […]