Building Permit

When Do You Need a Building Permit?

The world of home improvement can be a confusing place. While you would think that owning a home would give you the right to do whatever you want with it, that’s not always true. There are many areas where certain home improvement projects or additions require a residential building permit before any major changes can […]

Inspecting Your Home After Hurricane Sandy

Inspecting Your Home After Hurricane Sandy

There are rain showers, thunderstorms, and heavy storms. And then there are catastrophic weather events like the rare October hurricane which recently struck much of the East Coast. You may have seen photos of some of the homes which were heavily damaged or even totally destroyed. But the damage doesn’t end there. Even though lots […]

5 Cheap and Easy Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

Everyone wants to enhance the value of their home (especially if they plan to sell it in the near future). But unless you’re made of money, you probably can’t afford to make expensive upgrades or major additions. Thankfully, there are some measures that you can take to improve various parts of your home to make […]

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Expert Advice on Interior Design

We talk a lot about home improvement on the Gutter Helmet® blog, but when it comes time to hire an interior designer, how do you find a great one? A new website,, brings together interior designers from around the world and lets them share designs, ideas, and advice. We sat down with the […]

Interview with

Some people who are selling their home want more information about how to “stage” it in order to increase its appeal to potential buyers. Others just want ideas and suggestions on how to design a home that they will be living in for a long time. Thankfully, there is a website called, which serves […]

Q&A With Robert Robillard from

Q&A With Robert Robillard from

Many people want to remodel their home in some way. It could be anything from installing energy-efficient windows and putting up new gutters to redoing the kitchen or building a new master suite. Some want to do the projects themselves, while others opt for finding a professional to handle the job. But they all have […]

Summer 2012 Storm Damage: The Worst in Pictures

Summer 2012 Storm Damage: The Worst in Pictures

The summer of 2012 will be remembered by many as the one where storms wreaked havoc across the nation. Buildings were destroyed, property was damaged, electricity was cut, and lives were lost when Mother Nature unleashed her rage on over half the states. The eastern states were struck by strong winds and heavy rains. […]