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Gutter Protection System

5 Things to Look For in Your Gutter Protection System

If you’ve decided that you never want to clean your gutters again, you have two choices: either plan on paying someone to do it regularly, or invest in gutter guards. In the end, most homeowners decide that gutter guards are the most economical and effective option. Whether you’re looking for the best gutter guards for […]

Gutter Cleaning Tips

8 Ways to Save Money on Gutter Cleaning

Fall is here and it’s time to start thinking about your gutters and how you’re going to get them clean before winter. If you haven’t budgeted for a cleaning and don’t want to spend a lot of money, here are eight ideas to help you save.

Gutter Cleaner Solution

Is Your Gutter Cleaner Ripping You Off?

The leaves have started falling in many places around the country. That means it’s nearly time to clean your gutters or call someone to clean them. If you prefer to call a gutter cleaner rather than get on a ladder yourself, how do you know the job is complete? Have you ever paid up and […]

8 Essential Home Maintenance Tasks to Keep Pests Away

There are times when we hope for rain so we don’t have to water our grass and garden, and then it comes in abundance! However, if you have standing water around your home, lots of issues can occur. Some include water making its way into your basement or under your foundation, mildew growth and, even […]

7 Ways to Mosquito-Proof Your Yard This Summer

Your backyard can be a great place for kids to play and to entertain, except when there are mosquitoes. Nothing ruins time outside faster than being bitten by these pests. Of course, you can spray repellent on yourself, but a better solution is to do what you can to deter mosquitoes from making your yard […]

Vertical Gutter Garden

How to Create Your Own Vertical Gutter Garden`

If you wish you could have a garden but your landlord won’t let you dig up the grass or you don’t have a yard, consider creating a vertical gutter garden. Gutter gardens are a great way to enjoy a garden in small spaces. Gutter Helmet, your leader in gutter protection systems, brings you this how-to […]

Gutter Cleaning Problems

10 Problems That Result From Not Cleaning Gutters

Your gutters are an important part of your roofing system. They benefit your home in many ways and when they’re not clean, your home can sustain damage from your roof to your foundation. Here are 10 problems that can result from clogged and dirty gutters.

How To Stop Ice Dam Formation

Ice Dams 101: What They Are and How to Stop Them

If you live anywhere that has freezing temperatures and you have a gutter system on your home, you’re at risk for ice damming. Although they are much more common in areas where there is significant snowfall, ice dams can even occur when a large rain event combines with freezing temperatures if you have clogged gutters.

Trim Your Trees

Why Late Winter Is the Best Time to Trim Your Trees

Yard work is probably not your top priority in the dead of winter, but believe it or not, winter is actually the ideal time to prune your trees. It’s also a great time to invest in gutter screens, so your gutters will be protected against clogs from fallen leaves in a few weeks when spring […]

Gutter Helmet

[VIDEO] Gutter Helmet® Makes Life Easier for Our Customers!

In today’s busy world, many homeowners have demanding careers and are also raising young children, which makes finding time for anything other than family and work challenging. With so many priorities already competing for their attention, the last thing most homeowners want to worry about is tedious home maintenance tasks like gutter cleaning – but […]

12 Ways to Decorate Your Porch or Patio for the Holidays

12 Ways to Decorate Your Porch or Patio for the Holidays

Christmas is just around the corner and homeowners are eager to decorate their porches or patios for the holiday. This can range from adding garlands to doors and porch railings to wreaths, mini trees and candles. Here are some festive ways you can decorate your front porch, patio or yard! 1. Lighting: Consider adding votive candles […]

5 Tips for Preparing Your Gutter for the Spring Melt

As the curtain falls on the first couple of months of the year, you realize that spring is just around the corner. After months of frigid temperatures, snowstorms, and icy roads, chances are you’re probably ready for some sunshine, blooming flowers, and longer days. Spring is trying really hard to get here.

Broken Gutter

11 Gutters That Really Need to Be Replaced

Have you ever stood outside your back door, hands on hips, looking up at the gutters on your home, and trying to figure out whether or not it’s time to replace them? There are certainly some telltale signs to look for, like holes, cracks, buckling, and separation. But if you’re a more visual person, feast […]

Choosing The Best Rain Gutters

6 Tips for Choosing the Best Rain Gutters for Your Home

As a homeowner, you probably spend an inordinate amount of time choosing paint colors, carpeting, and furniture for your home’s interior. But you may not realize that you may have to also put some thought into which type of rain gutters you will put up outside your home. Here are some suggestions to assist you […]

Expert Advice on Cleaning the Exterior of Your Home

Most people have a pretty good handle on how to clean a residential gutter. But what about an industrial gutter or the exterior of a home? Should these cleaning tasks be handled differently? One approach is to use a pressure-washing system. For more information about this method, we asked Craig Schuster of Equipment Trade Service […]

The 8 Most Frequently-Asked Gutter Questions (and Answers)

The concept of gutters is pretty simple. These troughs gather runoff water from your roof and channel it away from your home’s foundation. But when you start asking questions about gutters and how to install and maintain them, you sometimes get different responses from various sources.

Is That Kevin Durant Cleaning Gutters?

Is That Kevin Durant Cleaning Gutters?

When you think about cleaning out your gutters, a few different images come to mind. If you’re like most Americans, you probably envision part of a wasted weekend morning or afternoon up on the roof scooping out leaves, pine needles, and other debris. If you’re an optimist and/or a realist, you may view gutter cleaning […]

The World’s Longest Seamless Gutters

It seems like there’s a world record for just about everything these days. Like the world’s smallest roadworthy car (the “Wind Up,” at 41 inches by 26 inches by 52 inches), the fastest mobility scooter (which can travel over 71.5 miles per hour), and the furthest traveled on foot while balancing a pool cue on […]