Should You Salt Your Gutters?

Some homeowners swear by salting their gutters, saying it’s an easy way to break up ice dams in the winter. Other people will tell you that the salt causes unfavorable side effects. Here, we weigh the pros and cons.

Were Proud Of Our Gutter Guard Reviews

We’re Proud of Our Gutter Guard Reviews!

We’ve put together just a few reviews from across the country that are a testimony to why so many homeowners find Gutter Helmet® to be the best gutter cover for their homes. Because only authorized dealers can install Gutter Helmet, you’ll find that our teams are professional and know our products. They make sure that […]

How Clean Gutters Protect Your Home In Any Season

How Clean Gutters Protect Your Home in Any Season

When the sun is shining, it’s easy to forget just how much heavy lifting your gutters do. But if you’ve dealt with as much water damage as we have, you’ll know that clean, functional gutters are something you’ll want to have 24/7/365. Here’s how Gutter Helmet® protects your home in any season.

Safety Another Benefit Of The Best Rain Gutter System

Safety: Another Benefit of the Best Rain Gutter System

When you’re researching gutter guards and looking at gutter guard reviews, you’re likely trying to weigh the benefits against the investment. Although you may have looked at the time you spend doing it yourself and the minimal financial investment each year, have you considered the safety benefits that come when you install the best rain […]

3 Great Gardening Ideas for Kids

A garden means different things to different people. For some, it’s flowers; for others, it’s food. No matter where your gardening interests lie, there are many things you and your kids or grandkids can do to make gardening a fun learning experience!

Gutter Color And Style

Tips on Choosing a Gutter Color & Style

If it’s time to replace your gutters, you want to choose the best color and style for your home. There are two things that you’ll need to consider before picking your gutter’s style and color: your budget and the size of your roof. Your gutter installer should help guide you to the right size gutter […]

Gutter Installation Tools

Getting Your Money’s Worth: Which Home Improvements Add the Most Value

Every year, Remodeling magazine ranks the return on investment for more than 20 common remodeling projects. In this year’s Cost vs. Value Report, ROI ranged from 47.6% all the way up to 98.3% when you look at national averages. The winner for the highest ROI was an upscale garage door replacement, costing about $3,500 and […]

Re-Aligned Gutter

What Maintenance Should You Do to Gutters This Spring? Depends on Where You Live

For many of us, this has been the winter that won’t end! Hopefully spring has finally arrived where you are and you can start some exterior maintenance. When you get out and look at your roof, siding, windows and gutters, you may be wondering what work you need to do. You may ask yourself, “How […]

Ice Dam Gutter Helmet System

[INFOGRAPHIC] How Helmet Heat® Reduces Ice Damming on Your Home

If you live in an area with snowy winters, you probably know how much trouble ice dams can cause. The good news: you can double up your home’s protection from ice and snow buildup with the help of Gutter Helmet® and Helmet Heat®! Together, they form an energy-efficient, self-regulating twin system that effectively guards against […]