The Do’s & Don’ts of Ladder Safety

More than 90,000 people are treated in emergency rooms every year due to ladder-related injuries, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). This statistic underscores the risks of ladder use and the importance of taking safety precautions seriously when using this common household equipment. With spring gutter cleaning season approaching, now is a good […]

Trust the Professionals to Install Gutter Protection Systems

With the wide variety of gutter protection systems available on the market today, it can be hard to know which to choose. The pricing of a gutter guard system is typically figured on a per-foot basis. Many gutter guard companies include the installation of gutter covers at no extra charge with the purchase of the […]

Differences Between Residential Gutters & Commercial Gutters

Differences Between Residential Gutters & Commercial Gutters

Gutters are an important part of a roofing system, whether it’s on a home or a business. Their purpose is to funnel water away from the building’s foundation in a safe manner. For homes, that often means water drains into landscaping or the yard, but for businesses, there isn’t always that option. This is just […]

Keeping Pest Away

Infographic: 8 Essential Home Maintenance Tasks to Keep Pests Away

There are two keys to preventing and controlling the presence of bugs, rodents and other pests: blocking possible entry points and eliminating sources of food, water and shelter. In the infographic below, we’ve listed eight essential home maintenance tasks that will help to keep pests away.

12 Ways to Decorate Your Porch or Patio for the Holidays

12 Ways to Decorate Your Porch or Patio for the Holidays

Christmas is just around the corner and homeowners are eager to decorate their porches or patios for the holiday. This can range from adding garlands to doors and porch railings to wreaths, mini trees and candles. Here are some festive ways you can decorate your front porch, patio or yard! 1. Lighting: Consider adding votive candles […]

Gutter Helmet VS Foam Gutter Inserts

Gutter Guard Comparisons: Gutter Helmet® vs. Foam Gutter Inserts

There are a lot of gutter guards on the market for gutter protection, and making the right decision for your home can take some thought and research. You’ll find gutter guard reviews that tout the pros and cons of buying any gutter guard system. Here we take a closer look at the popular foam insert […]

Gutter Protection System

Get Year-Round Protection with 365 Days of Gutter Helmet®

Get off that ladder and place it back where you found it! The days of dangerous climbs are over. Gutter Helmet® gutter guards provide year-round protection, preventing the build-up of debris to keep your gutters clear and free-flowing. With its heavy-duty support brackets and state-of-the-art engineering, Gutter Helmet has been designed to withstand the harshest […]