Keep an Eye Out for These 6 Gutter Contractor Red Flags

Gutters are an essential part of any home’s or business’s infrastructure, and proper maintenance and installation are necessary to ensure they function as designed. When it comes time to install new gutters in Millersville, MD, there are certain contractor red flags that you should watch out for. Keep an eye out for these six signs […]

Trust the Professionals to Install Gutter Protection Systems

With the wide variety of gutter protection systems available on the market today, it can be hard to know which to choose. The pricing of a gutter guard system is typically figured on a per-foot basis. Many gutter guard companies include the installation of gutter covers at no extra charge with the purchase of the […]

Vertical Gutter Garden

How to Create Your Own Vertical Gutter Garden`

If you wish you could have a garden but your landlord won’t let you dig up the grass or you don’t have a yard, consider creating a vertical gutter garden. Gutter gardens are a great way to enjoy a garden in small spaces. Gutter Helmet, your leader in gutter protection systems, brings you this how-to […]

Should You Salt your Gutters

Should You Salt Your Gutters?

For many homeowners in cold regions, unsightly and damaging ice dams are a problem throughout the winter. If you have them, you may have heard of the practice of “salting” gutters. This involves stuffing stockings or socks with rock salt, then laying the salt in the gutter or on the dam to help melt the […]

Mistakes Gutter Pros Won't Make

4 Big Mistakes Gutter Pros Won’t Make

When you need new gutters, be sure the company you call for gutter installation is an experienced gutter contractor. Many companies sell and install gutters, but you want one with the right knowledge and experience so your installation will last for decades. Incorrectly installed gutters can lead to all sorts of problems with your home. […]

Man Sullen Angry

How to Avoid Paying $3,700 for Malfunctioning Gutters

Replacing your gutter system can be expensive. However, since it involves climbing around on a ladder, cutting metal, and fastening countless screws and brackets, you might be inclined to hire someone to do the job for you. After all, a well-functioning gutter system is pivotal to the long-term health of your home and its foundation. […]

The 5 Best Videos on Rain Gutter Covers

The 5 Best Videos on Rain Gutter Covers

The 5 Best Videos on Rain Gutter Covers There are lots of sources of information about the different kinds of gutter guards on the market. But for some people, brochures, advertisements, and static website pages aren’t sufficient to educate them about their choices. These individuals prefer to see something with their own eyes so they […]

9 Photos of Homes Hit by Lightning

9 Photos of Homes Hit by Lightning

There are plenty of steps that homeowners can take to protect their homes from the elements. They can do everything from putting up gutters to installing storm windows to mounting snow guards. But one aspect of Mother Nature that’s difficult to guard against is lightning strikes. Even homes with lightning protection systems aren’t guaranteed to […]

Q&A With Robert Robillard from

Q&A With Robert Robillard from

Many people want to remodel their home in some way. It could be anything from installing energy-efficient windows and putting up new gutters to redoing the kitchen or building a new master suite. Some want to do the projects themselves, while others opt for finding a professional to handle the job. But they all have […]

The Latest Tools on the Gutter Cleaning Scene

The Latest Tools on the Gutter Cleaning Scene Companies are always trying to come up with better ways to help people clean their gutters. Some of them invent new products or upgrade old ones. Other companies garner feedback on their existing products to make sure that customers are satisfied with their efficacy. But customer needs […]