How to Avoid Hiring Unreliable Contractors

Maintaining a home isn’t cheap. There’s always something that needs to be fixed or upgraded, so it can be tempting to try to save money by hiring cheap contractors to take care of your home maintenance, repair and replacement needs. Unfortunately, when it comes to installing new gutters and rain gutter guards, focusing too much […]

Why You Should Never Skip Gutters for a Home

Gutters are manufactured in a number of different shapes and profiles, but the key components and the way they fit together are generally the same. If you’re curious about the structure of the gutters you typically see on houses, here’s a basic overview of how these traditional rain gutter systems fit together. 

Improve the Value of Your Home With Gutter Leaf Guards

When it comes to home maintenance, certain steps must be taken to ensure every component is functioning properly. Gutters are small but critical components that have a dramatic effect on the long-term viability and value of your home. Regarding gutter maintenance, there are numerous gutter materials, styles and solutions to choose from, including home gutter […]

6 Myths Other Gutter Guard Companies Want You to Believe

6 Myths Other Gutter Guard Companies Want You to Believe

Many gutter guard companies claim that they sell the best gutter protection, yet there are unique benefits that set Gutter Helmet® apart from the competition. In addition, few can share so many great gutter guard reviews! Here are several myths that we hear from potential customers about the competition that just don’t add up.

5 Home Issues That Should Be Addressed Immediately

5 Home Issues That Should Be Addressed Immediately

Most homeowners know that owning a home comes with a certain amount of regular maintenance. However, unless you’re a jack of all trades, you’re likely going to have to pay a professional for some of the work. While you may be able to put off some repair and maintenance needs, there are others that should […]

Discourage Nesting Birds With A Sturdy Gutter Guard

Discourage Nesting Birds With a Sturdy Gutter Guard

Although you may rejoice when a bird begins building a nest in a nearby tree, there are definitely places you don’t want feathered friends to take up residence. Unsuitable or unsafe locations around your home include near doors and walkways, inside vents and chimneys, and in your gutters. 

gutter shield for summer storms

Summer Storms Are No Match for Gutter Helmet®

Is your home adequately prepared for the high winds, torrential downpours and hail that summer storms can bring? One of the most important components of your home’s protection against the elements is your gutter protection system. There are many reasons Gutter Helmet® consistently earns the best gutter guard reviews in the industry, but one of the […]

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Thanks to PermaLife™ Finish, Our Gutter Guards Last

Thanks to PermaLife™ Finish, Our Gutter Guards Last Like any home improvement project, investing in a gutter protection system can be challenging because there are so many different brands and products to choose from. How do you know which product will work best for your needs? Which features are the most important when it comes […]


Why Some Gutter Guards Fail

There is a reason why Gutter Helmet® has the best gutter guard reviews of all the products on the market: because it features innovative technology that doesn’t just reduce clogging, but actually prevents it altogether. Other types of gutter protection systems, like a leaf filter, are only partially effective and will eventually fail.