Gutter Cleaning: When Is the Best Time for One?

Like most home projects, gutter cleaning requires proper timing to ensure maximum results. Should you schedule one before all the leaves fall, or have it done after the season? The short answer: it depends. The premier source of the best gutter system in the area, Gutter Helmet®, explains more.

Simple Ways to Prepare Your Home for Extreme Weather

Unpredictable weather can cause damage to your roof and home if you don’t maintain your property on a regular basis. For instance, heavy rains can weigh down weakly attached gutter systems and spill water over your siding, landscaping and foundation, causing more extensive damage. The harsh conditions during a strong windstorm or tropical storm can […]

Preventing Garden Weeds

Surprising Ways to Prevent and Kill Garden Weeds

With spring in full force, you may notice that weeds are taking hold all around your yard. Dealing with weeds may be one of the most despised outdoor chores because it’s a task that never seems to end. So just how do those weeds get in your yard, driveway, gutters, sidewalk cracks and garden – […]

Re-Aligned Gutter

What Maintenance Should You Do to Gutters This Spring? Depends on Where You Live

For many of us, this has been the winter that won’t end! Hopefully spring has finally arrived where you are and you can start some exterior maintenance. When you get out and look at your roof, siding, windows and gutters, you may be wondering what work you need to do. You may ask yourself, “How […]

Gutter Rot Prevention

Ways to Prevent Rot Around Your Home

Home maintenance is something you must undertake regularly if you own a home. It’s not necessarily fun, but when done regularly, it saves you on costly repairs. One expensive repair stems from wood rot. Wood rot can happen anywhere there is wood on your home. This includes wooden decks, wood siding, window frames, shutters, fascia […]

home for sale

4 Exterior Improvements to Make Your Home Sell Faster

If you need to sell your home quickly, nothing does more to speed things along than improving your home’s curb appeal. While it may be a showplace inside, if potential buyers aren’t drawn to its exterior appearance first, they may never step foot inside your house. Here, Gutter Helmet® has laid out four exterior home […]

Gutter Helmet Cost

[INFOGRAPHIC] How Much Do Gutters Cost?

One of the first questions that’ll come to mind the moment you find out you need new gutters is, “How much will this cost me?” While there’s no single, one-size-fits all answer to that question, this infographic covers the basics of gutter pricing so that you can get a general idea of what to expect. […]

Spring Garden Ideas

Garden Ideas to Get You Ready for Spring

After a long and dreary winter, the sounds and smells of spring are starting to fill the air, and everyone is looking forward to spending more time outdoors and savoring the sunshine. But to be able to enjoy spring to the fullest, it’s important to first prepare your outdoor living space for the upcoming season. […]

Ice Dam Gutter Helmet System

[INFOGRAPHIC] How Helmet Heat® Reduces Ice Damming on Your Home

If you live in an area with snowy winters, you probably know how much trouble ice dams can cause. The good news: you can double up your home’s protection from ice and snow buildup with the help of Gutter Helmet® and Helmet Heat®! Together, they form an energy-efficient, self-regulating twin system that effectively guards against […]

Mistakes Gutter Pros Won't Make

4 Big Mistakes Gutter Pros Won’t Make

When you need new gutters, be sure the company you call for gutter installation is an experienced gutter contractor. Many companies sell and install gutters, but you want one with the right knowledge and experience so your installation will last for decades. Incorrectly installed gutters can lead to all sorts of problems with your home. […]

Guard Against Home Improvement Fraud

[INFOGRAPHIC] 6 Smart Ways to Guard Against Home Improvement Fraud

Home improvement fraud is no laughing matter. Every year, unscrupulous contractors make off with $1.4 billion in unperformed work, rigged bids, manipulated change orders, low-grade materials, and a host of other common scams. The good news? Contractor fraud is preventable.