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Gutter Cleaning Checklist

Infographic: Your Fall Gutter Cleaning Checklist

Fall season is gutter cleaning season! If the thought of mucking out your gutters feels a little intimidating, we’ve got a handy infographic to help you get ready for the task. If you’re still not looking forward to it, never fear—your local Gutter Helmet® dealer has your back!

Friend This Funny Rain Gutter Facebook Page

Everyone seems to be on Facebook these days. Young adults, teens, tweens, and even senior citizens keep in touch with their “Friends” via the global social media site. And it’s not just individuals — businesses, organizations, schools, churches, and even pets now have their own dedicated Facebook pages. Including rain gutters. No, really. Here it […]

7 Coolest Gutter-Related Apps

7 Coolest Gutter-Related Apps

You’ve probably heard the expression, “There’s an app for that.” It implies that whatever your task, goal, or interest, you can probably find an application for a smartphone that can help you. But what about gutters? There’s no way that there can be… There is? Really? “You mean I can use this thing for something […]