Keeping Pest Away

Infographic: 8 Essential Home Maintenance Tasks to Keep Pests Away

There are two keys to preventing and controlling the presence of bugs, rodents and other pests: blocking possible entry points and eliminating sources of food, water and shelter. In the infographic below, we’ve listed eight essential home maintenance tasks that will help to keep pests away.

Roof Gutter Cleaning

Prepare Your Home for Fall and Winter

With fall quickly approaching and winter not far behind it, it’s time for comfy boots, cozy scarves, colorful leaves, and cooler weather. Amid all the excitement of preparing for fall, it is important not to forget to prepare our homes as well. Here is a list of things to do before the weather hits in […]

The 5 Best Websites for Finding Gutter Contractors in Your Area

In the old days, the most efficient way to locate a company to hang, fix, or clean gutters was to ask a neighbor, friend, or colleague in the area. And while phone books and online directories helped provide homeowners with more choices, they didn’t offer much help in figuring out which company was best suited […]