Exterior Remodeling Choices That Will Shorten Your Honey-Do List

Sunny spring and summer days are perfect for making exterior home improvements. To use your time and money wisely, it’s important to choose projects that are low-maintenance and provide a good return on investment. By investing in the following exterior upgrades, you’ll be able to reduce your ongoing home maintenance demands, which will also shorten […]

The 3 Most Common Ladder Mistakes

Some homeowners try to save money by doing work around the house themselves but, in many instances, DIYing certain types of home maintenance and improvements is unsafe and impractical — particularly those that require the use of a ladder. These jobs are best left in the hands of experienced professionals. As reported by the World […]

Considerations to Help You Choose the Right Gutter Cover

Gutter covers are a fairly simple concept. They can be in the form of a cover or an insert that fits over or into gutters to keep out unwanted materials like leaves, twigs and other debris — basically everything except water. They’re meant to help keep your gutters clean, clear and functional. Even though the […]

How Gutter Helmet® Solves Gutter Problems

A good gutter system is vital to protect your home against rain and water intrusion. It does this by draining and channeling rainwater off your roof and away from the house. This helps protect not only your foundation and landscaping, but also the exterior walls, siding, soffit and fascia from the effects of erosion and […]

5 Essential Gutter Cleaning Tools

Once you’ve made up your mind to tackle gutter cleaning, the next step is to arm yourself with the right gutter cleaning tools. If you don’t have effective tools, the job will be much more difficult, and your safety could even be compromised. Below are some basic yet essential gutter cleaning tools that will help […]

How the Gutter Helmet® Gutter Cover Works

Gutter Helmet® gutter covers are installed directly over existing full-size gutters. You’ll notice that the nose of a Gutter Helmet® cover actually extends past the lip of your gutter. This patented Nose Forward Design™ prevents debris from entering your gutters. Unlike some other rain gutter covers that claim to protect gutters just as well, Gutter […]

The Downspout Extender, Part 2: Ideas to Create Better Curb Appeal

In a recent blog, we shared what makes a downspout extender one of the most effective solutions to prevent basement flooding. Homeowners who have long struggled with damp, musty basements and crawl spaces are often amazed to learn that adding an extender to their downspouts – which moves snowmelt and rainwater that drains from the […]

The Many Benefits of Gutter Protection Systems

The main function of gutters is to direct the flow of water away from your house. Not only do they provide additional protection for your roof, gutters also help protect your landscaping and your home’s foundation. As time goes by, your gutters can begin to experience problems such as clogging and leakage. In order to […]

5 Common Locations for Ice Dams on a Roof

In those regions of the country that are subject to significant amounts of snowfall and extended periods of freezing temperatures, many homes are damaged by a phenomenon known as ice damming. An ice dam is a ridge of ice that prevents snowmelt from draining off the roof. Ice dams occur when heat from a home’s […]

Stop! Before You Get Out That Ladder to Clean the Gutters, Read This

There are a number of reasons to consider adding the best gutter guards around to your gutters, but the main purpose is to protect them from the build-up of leaves and other tree debris. When left unattended, clogged gutters can result in thousands of dollars in damage due to rot, erosion and foundation problems. Safety […]

The Best Gutter Covers Include a Triple Lifetime Warranty

So you’re tired of cleaning your gutters twice a year because of the muck and debris that always collects inside them, along with the threat of injury that comes with climbing up and down a ladder. You’ve made the decision to invest in gutter guards – congratulations! Next, you need to choose a gutter cover […]

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Ladder Safety 101: How to Stay Safe When Cleaning Gutters

Did you know that the United States has the most ladder-related deaths of any country in the world? Every year, nearly nine million people are taken to the emergency room due to injuries sustained from falling off a ladder. Many of these casualties are homeowners who fall from their ladders while trying to clean gutters […]

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Start Preparing Your Home for Winter

As the summer comes to an end, many homeowners’ minds are turning to winter. Preparing your home for winter may take longer than you think, so it could be a good idea to start your preparation right now. Increase Insulation Heating drafty houses can be really expensive. Add insulation in the attic, replace weather stripping […]

The Best Gutter Guards … According to You!

When it comes to gutter guards, there are numerous places you can turn for opinions on which one is right for you. In addition to the product sites themselves, there are advertisements, magazine articles, and input from “experts.” But sometimes, the best place to get information about whether gutter guards work is from regular people […]