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The 8 Funniest Gutter-Related Photos

The term “gutter humor” is often used to describe jokes, images, or statements that are risque, off-color, or downright offensive. But these photos reveal gutter humor of a different sort — and you can show them to your children without fear of corrupting their minds in any way. Here are eight images which prove that […]

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Get Gutter Helmet and Reclaim 250 Hours of Your Life

It’s practically a universal truth about homeownership: nobody likes having to clean out their gutters. You have to balance precariously on a ladder, scrape out slimy debris, and get all wet and dirty in the process. But perhaps the biggest downside to cleaning your gutters is the amount of time spent performing a thankless chore […]

The 10 Most Creative Uses of Gutters

Most people look at a section of gutter and see only a tool to help channel runoff water from a roof to a downspout. But a few people have a more vivid imagination — and proceed to use these gutters for something different entirely. Here are the top 10 most creative uses of gutters. 1. […]

7 Coolest Gutter-Related Apps

7 Coolest Gutter-Related Apps

You’ve probably heard the expression, “There’s an app for that.” It implies that whatever your task, goal, or interest, you can probably find an application for a smartphone that can help you. But what about gutters? There’s no way that there can be… There is? Really? “You mean I can use this thing for something […]

The 8 Most Creative Custom Gutters

The 8 Most Creative Custom Gutters

You may not be aware of this, but gutter systems have a long and storied history of combining fashion with function. The most obvious example were gargoyles, whose presence on buildings and churches did more than just ward off evil spirits or improve the structures’ appearances; they also strategically hid the drainage downspouts from the […]