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Safety First! Why Helmet Heat® is the Safe Choice for Snow and Ice Protection

During the winter, snow and ice accumulation on your house can lead to ice dams and buildup in your gutter system if not properly managed. When snow and ice builds up in your gutter system, water cannot flow down through the gutters and downspouts to the ground. When the water fails to drain out, gutters can sag and pull loose. The excess water accumulation can lead to structural damage of the gutters and the house itself, while raising heating costs and causing water pooling and dangerous icy areas.

Cleaning out gutters regularly is important. During the winter, this can be difficult given the usual cold temperatures and windy conditions. That’s where a system like Helmet Heat®, a companion to the Gutter Helmet gutter guard system, can make a significant difference.

The Safety Features of Helmet Heat®

Helmet Heat works together with Gutter Helmet’s gutter guard system. Once installed, Helmet Heat goes to work for you, keeping your gutters at a temperature warm enough to prevent the accumulation of icicles and snow buildup. Installed alongside gutter covers, Helmet Heat’s system prevents the dangerous accumulation of ice that leads to icicles and ice dam formation. Too much ice can destroy gutters, making them collapse and even injure people passing by. In addition, ice buildup can be very expensive to fix as ice will melt while the gutters are clogged, preventing drainage and damaging your gutters and gutter covers. With Helmet Heat installed, snowmelt drains safely down your gutters.

Helmet Heat consists of a heavy-duty, commercial-grade, self-regulating heat cable with a TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) over jacket. This innovative system provides enough heat so that your gutters are warm enough to melt any existing ice and snow, thus ensuring the steady flow of water through the gutters and downspouts.

Helmet Heat is self-regulating, meaning that it adjusts to the climate. As the temperature falls, Helmet Heat’s heat cable releases heat and as it warms up outside, the cable decreases its heat. This ensures both energy efficiency and safety.

In addition, Helmet Heat has other safety features to prevent overheating and also has an outer jacket to ensure that the cables are not too hot to touch. Helmet Heat can maintain a steady temperature of up to 150°F (65°C) through the winter if needed.

This system is invisible to the eye because it is installed underneath Gutter Helmet gutter covers, giving you a clean roofline. Helmet Heat comes with two weatherproof box options.

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