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Are Professional-Grade Gutter Covers Only Available to Professionals?

A few decades ago, people who wanted to improve their homes had to make a choice. If they wanted to complete the project themselves, they could go to a store and purchase consumer-grade materials and products. But if they wanted something stronger, fancier, or longer-lasting, they could choose the professional-grade option; but that meant they had to call a contractor or service provider in order to get access to the products and materials used by the pros.

That’s not really the case today. People have a wider variety of choices, and the Internet has given them access not only to more consumer products, but also to the companies who supply the contractors. And if they have the know-how and the desire, they can use professional-grade materials for their do-it-yourself projects — without having to deal with a professional service provider.

Like cleaning products…

What about gutter covers? If a homeowner wants “professional-grade” gutter covers, does he or she have to contact a pro to get them?

Contractors Only, Please

Though most gutter cover manufacturers sell to anyone who will pay money for their products, there are a few businesses that only deal with the professional market. One of the most recent gutter covers to adopt this approach is Diamond Back Gutter Covers, which advertises its products “for contractors only.” In fact, the company won’t even allow non-contractors to obtain a price quote for the Diamond Back gutter covers using its website.

… or outdoor decorations…

However, just because some gutter covers are sold exclusively to contractors does not mean that the products themselves are markedly better than what homeowners can buy on the open market. In fact, recent reviews indicate that Diamond Back gutter covers don’t perform any better than other gutter protection systems when it comes to things like handling water, shedding shingle particulates, and other factors.

Why Contractors Only?

In reality, the “contractors only” distribution method has more to do with marketing than it does with quality. In other words, companies that sell gutter covers only to contractors do so not because the products are innately better than the “consumer-grade” competition, but because they prefer to deal with a customer base that consists of contractors instead of homeowners.

… or recreational equipment…

What’s the takeaway from all this? Homeowners don’t have to go through a middleman contractor if they want the highest-quality gutter covers available on the market today.

You Can’t Beat Gutter Helmet®

Gutter Helmet® does not limit its gutter cover sales to contractors. Although it is sold through a network of local dealers and installed by trained professionals, the Gutter Helmet® gutter protection system is available to almost everyone in the U.S. (and a couple of provinces in Canada) who wants it. And Gutter Helmet® has been keeping debris out of homeowners’ gutter for over thirty years. In fact, Gutter Helmet® comes with a lifetime guarantee which states that you’ll never have to clean your gutters again!

… or home entertainment….

So contact Gutter Helmet® today to get a free estimate on a gutter cover system that’s “professional grade,” — even though you don’t have to be a contractor to buy it!

… or home security!

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